Transcript for "Health of the Camp-Elder Gregory s Death," St. Louis Luminary, 26 May 1855, 106

Health of the Camp—Elder Gregory's Death.

By letters received from Elder Richard Ballantyne dated Atchison May13th we learn that general good health prevails in the camp of Zion, and although a few have been taken off by cholera, the health of the camp in general is said to be excellent for which we feel truly greatful to our Father and our God.

Among those few who have fallen in the destroyers embrace at the camp is Elder Gregory from Salt Lake City who was returning from the Eastern States, where he had been to transact some private business, having counsel from the Presidency to preach the gospel by the way. He passed through this city a few weeks ago, spent a few days with us, when we learned that his health had been poor from the time he left his mountain home. He died at Atchison on Sunday, 7 o'clock P. M. 13th May 1855, about one week previous he had a severe attack of cholera, but was recovering from it, until the day preceding his death when he grew worse, and was soon taken from us. He felt from the beginning of his illness that he would not recover, and committed the care of his carriage and other property to Elder James McGaw with a request that his body should be carried to the Valley.

Brother Gregory was a true friend and a faithful Saint, his career was not so dashing and brilliant as that of some of the Elders, but his course was undeviating, an his faith unwavering, and he died with a sure and certain hope of a resurrection to eternal life. This will be a severe despensation of providence to his family in the mountains with whose bereavement we sincerely sympathise.