Transcript for Hess, David, "Statement of David Hess Made August 29, 1920 to E. F. Richards," 20, in The John W. Hess family record, 1824-1943

About May 1, 1849, we began our long perilous journey across the plains. Our outfit consisted of two yoke of oxen, one yoke of cows, a pioneer wagon and twenty head of sheep. Barefoot and half clad though I was, the burden of driving the sheep fell upon me, then in my twelfth year. Excepting the usual hardships characteristic of such an undertaking, our journey was marked by no particular incidents of a tragic or sensational nature.

Arriving at Salt Lake, July 28, 1849, we camped at what is now McCune Grove and the next day proceeded on to Farmington, Davis County, Utah, where our family located.