Transcript for Hill, William John, [Autobiography], in "Utah Pioneer Biographies," 44 vols., 32:85

IN April 1861 I was called to go back with the church teams for emigrants. Joseph A. Young was in charge of the entire company with five hundred teams in all. They were divided into smaller companies with Joseph Horne in charge of the company in which I traveled. We had fifty-three wagons, fifty-four teamsters and four horse guards, also a hospital wagon. I had one yoke of oxen of my own and three of the church teams. We each carried a supply of food for ourselves and teams, beside cornmeal to trade with the Indians. Some of our provisions were left at each station to be picked up on the return trip as we would be loaded with emigrants and could not carry sufficient supplies extra for our return. We traveled through much snow going East but were able to cover ten miles a day, which was the required distance. On the return an epidemic of measles broke out and I contracted it. I was quite sick for three days and was assigned to drive the hospital wagon. We were five months and three days making the entire journey.