Transcript for Hillman, Silas, Autobiography and journal [ca. 1866-1875]

. . . In the Spring on the 10th of May 1852 I crossed the Mo. [Missouri] River at Plat[te]vill[e] for a move to the mountains: in Company with Father Haws & Family. [Truman] Tryons and some [others]. My enemies learning that I was going to move for the mountains[.] About the time that I did Start: one of them by the name of Rolls came down to the river as I learned to Stop me: I had been Ferrying emigration over the river after I had helped to finish Ferrying the Company over: my own teams stood on the bank of the river to be taken over that day: I saw old Rolls standing on the banks and knowing him to be a mobocrat: Something Struck me I had better take my team across: Consequently I put my team on the boat before his face & eyes: and landed them on the other Side without his ever knowing it untill I had got Savely [safely] on the other Side: when the boat returned and I was not with it: he made inquiry for me and learned that I was Savely [safely] over the river out of his reach. He swore and Said I was to Smart for him: and left for home. There is quite a hill to rise from the river where we crossed. and on the top was an Indian Village: we found the road hedged up with tress [trees] as we were assending to the top near the village: felled by the Indians: and they were Standing there and demanded Toll of us before they were willing for us to pass: we paid them and cleared the road and pursued our journey,: that night they crawled into Camp and Stole two horses belonging to the company. We hunted for them but did not discover the horses but saw their Signs where the Indians had lain and where they had crawled through the grass: We persued our journey and the next night we camped on a Stream of water. a Small river that was full of buffalo [fish.] next day we moved a long, towards the Mountains[.] when we got pass Ft Laramie we began to See buffalo in great quantities moving across the plains: we hunted Some and killed Several and their meat: we did not have any more trouble with the Indians except it was in their begging which was very anoysome: our Company all told did not number 10 to 12 waggons: At the upper crossing of Platt[e] river: a body of Shian [Cheyenne] caused acr warriors came across us and we were a little afraid of trouble but we went to work and made them a feast: and they partook of it freely: After which they left us in peace and we Saw no more of them: The Platt[e] was very high at that time for fording but we made the attempt and all crossed Safe but Mothers team: her waggon box floated off her waggon: But we caught it and Saved nearly every thing but a piece of Steal that she was bringing to my bro Ira who lived in the valies of the Mountains, No particular incident transpired to us worthy of note after we had crossed the upper crossing of the Plattee]: Previous I had lost one of my team and had to yoke one of my cows in its place: I lost no more after that although the company lost Some by alkali on the Sweet water. we Stoped to recruit a few days after leaving the Sweete [Sweet] Water: and during that time Some of the boys killed Some Antelope: We arrived at the mouth of Emigration Canion [canyon] on the 10th of Sept 1852 being three months to a day from the time we crossed Mo. [Missouri] river