Transcript for Hills, Lewis Samuel, Diary, Jan.-Dec. 1862, vol. 1, in Diaries, 1862-1868

Monday [May] 12

Left Neb City 2. P.M. 2 ox—3 mule & 2 horse team[.] Camped at Weeping Water 6 PM. Doct L & Julia visit—Mes L & H.G.A go on with us to Omaha—

Tuesday May 13

Left Camp at 7. AM[.] Camp for Dinner at 11 AM[.] arrived Platte Bottom at 7. P.M.

Wednesday 14

Shower at Sunrise—Left camp at 8.AM[.] Platte River at 9. AM[.] Commenced crossing 3 P.M. Left camp and arrived at Omaha 7. P.M. Herndon H—

Thursday 15

To C. Bluffs—8. A.M. Teams to camp <Omaha> at Sundown[.] retd to camp 8 P.M.

Friday, May 16, 1862

To C Bluffs 10 A.M. Bot Mi Mill 60—took goods to Omaha camp. arrived 5 P.M. Hames—Curtis Rider and Hunter arrived Mo [Monday] A.M.

Saturday 17

Rain cold storm
Bot Glass
Clear in P.M.

Sunday 18

Loaded wagons A.M. Left Camp at 4 P.M. Jack & Ella at Omaha[.] Camped 4 miles from Omaha at 5½ P.M. Drove horse team[.] Sam came up with C[--]er.

Monday, May 19, 1862.

Left Camp at 7. A.M. Camp at Elkhorn River 3. P.M. wrote Jack and Sent by stage

Tuesday 20

Left Camp at 7. A.M. Camp 3 miles west of Fremont on creek—rain & cold—

Wednesday 21

Left camp at 7 A.M. Dinner at North Bend[.] Camp on Shell Creek

Thursday, May 22, 1862

Left camp at 7. A.M. high wind—Crossed Loup Fork at 6 P.M. Camp one mile beyond

Friday 23

Left camp at 7. A.M. Dinner on Platte River near Prairie Creek—Camp 25 miles from Columbus on Platte River

Saturday 24

Left Camp at 7. A.M. Dinner near Bayou—8 or 9 miles east of lone tree—Camp on Platte River

Sunday May 25, 1862

Staid in Camp

Monday 26

Left Camp at 6½ A.M. Dinner near ranch[.] Camp across Wood River one mile[.] heavy thunder storm at dark

Tuesday 27

Left Camp at 6½ A.M. Dinner at Wood River P.O.[.] letter from Jack—Humest [illegible] Camp at Boyds—Neb Center P.O. mended Land Board at the Blacksmith shop Wood River

Wednesday, May 28, 1862

Left camp 6½ A.M, opposite Fort Kearney 8½ A.M. [illegible] crossed the Platte—Dinner 4 miles above Ft—Camp on slough at 5½ P.M. heavy storm at 11 P.M.[.] Cattle missing

Thursday 29

Left camp at 8½ A.M. after finding cattle—dinner 10 [illegible] on prairie. no wood or water—crossed Buffalo Creek at 4 to 6 P.M. camp one mile canyon—rain—some teams miring down.

Friday 30

Cattle missing again—found one mile from camp—Started at 7. A.M. dinner after passing sand hills. camp on slough—

Saturday, May 31, 1862

Left camp at 6 A.M. Camp on Platte River[.] Crossed sand hills P.M. Camp on Platte 4 P.M. overtook Humest wife—Curtiss—Rider & Hunter

Sunday, June 1

Left camp at 6 A.M. Dinner at Bluffs—Passed Pawnee Spring 3 P.M. Camp on Platte 4. P.M.

Monday 2

Left camp at 6 A.M. Crossed Carrion creek[.] Dinner on Platte[.] Bad Sloughs P.M. Camp near creek & sand hills[.] Ox wagons behind

Tuesday, June 3, 1862

Left camp at 9 A.M. after getting wagons to camp Rider[,] Humes & Co left at 7. AM Dinner at 12 M [noon] near Bluffs[.] Camp at 4 P.M. on N[orth]. Blufffork [Bluff Fork]

Wednesday 4

Left camp at 6 A.M. Dinner after passing Sand hills at 11. AM—Camp E side of creek at 4½ P.M.

Thursday 5

Left camp at 6 AM[.] Dinner on small creek[.] Camp over Rattlesnake creek.

Friday, June 6, 1862

Left camp at 5½ A.M. Dinner small creek at Bluffs[.] Camp E side of Wolf creek[.] Woods passed us at camp

Saturday 7

Left camp at 7.A.M.—through Sand Hills. Woods stuck in bad slough—Camp for P.M. on Platte—5 miles below Ash Hollow—rain storm—Stateman—Reid & Thornton passed during P.M.

Sunday 8

Left camp at 12½ P.M. Glutemont Co at Ash Hollow came on & camped with us 10 miles beyond— Woods left us at 7 A.M.

Monday, June 9, 1862

Left camp at 6. AM Dinner at 10[.] Camp on Platte River 21 mi

Tuesday 10

Left camp at 6. AM—Dinner on Platte River[.] Camp at 4 P.M; ¼ mile from Platte—opposite Court House Rock.

Wednesday 11

Left camp at 6. AM. sand hills & bad sloughs stuck wagons—Platte at 2½ P.M. & camp at 3½ away from River—opposite Chimney Rock

Thursday, June 12, 1862

Left camp at 6. A.M. bad sloughs—Ox teams helped us out—Camp near Platte River at 11 AM. French and Indian Wyckup—opposite Steam boat Rock—

Friday 13

Left camp at 6. am[.] Road heavy after a few miles owing to heavy shower—camp for dinner just below Scotts Bluffs—Camp beyond Spring Creek[.] Sioux Indians 3 miles above—came to camp

Saturday 14

Laid over to-day—Sioux indians lay around camp trying to swap. all day—

Sunday, June 15, 1862

Left camp at 7. AM Dinner on Platte at Frenchmans Camp on Platte near Timber

Monday 16

Left camp at 7. A.M. Dinner on Platte—Stock on island[.] met train of mule teams Salt Lake at 4 P.M. saw Wm D. Johnson camp near B[lack]smith shop at 6 P.M. [illegible] in camp no grass

Tuesday 17

Left camp at 7. A.M. passed Fort Laramie at 9 A.M. Dinner 1½ miles above[.] Having crossed for letters—1 from Julia[.] Camp at 2 P.M. 4 miles above Ft.

Wednesday, June 18, 1862

Left camp at 7.A.M. through hills—dinner at 11 A.M. camp on Platte River at 6 P.M[.] hard rocky hills—had to double on ox teams

Thursday 19

Laid over[.] Capt John Murdocks Church train camped above us at noon and staid one night. Saw John Smith, going to Denmark. 2 Sugar

Friday 20

Left camp at 7.A.M. met Duncans church train at 10 A.M. Camp at 12 ½ PM miles from River—shower at 5 P.M

Saturday, June 21, 1862

Left camp at 6½ A.M. Dinner at 12 in hills[.] Camp at 6 P.M. on Platte River[.] Saw apostates at noon & camped at night—

Sunday 22

Left camp at 6½ am. Dinner at 10 miles [illegible] Camp at 4 P.M. on Platte River[.] shower at 6+7 P.M. some have met mormon church train leaving camp <[illegible]>

Monday 23

Laid over A.M. Church train from S.L. City at 10 A.M. Camp at 6 P.M. Left camp at 12½ P.M. camp on Platte River at 6 P.M.

Tuesday, June 24, 1862

Left camp at 6. AM[.] Dinner at 10 AM [.] York broke tongue ox Wagon[.] drove about 6 miles P.M. after making new tongue[.] camp 4 P.M. near Platte

Wednesday 25

Left camp at 6½ A.M. 2 teams from V. Brown Co [illegible] with us[.] Dinner at 10½ A.M. Sick Diah [Diarrhea.] Camp at 3½ P.M. on Platte Bottom[.] unwell all night

Thursday 26

Laid over[.] Rachel—King & wife & self sick

Friday, June 27, 1862

Left camp at 7 A.M. Camp at 1 P.M. at Platte Bridge (lower)[.] still down

Saturday 28

Left camp at 7. A.M. crossed Platte on Bridge. Camp for the day at 9. A.M. at upper Platte Bridge store & station[.] still down but improving[.] ox died P.M.

Sunday 29

Left camp at 7. A.M. crossed Platte on Upper Bridge. Camp for the day at 1½ P.M. Red Buttes on N. Platte—"Dixi" alias Barnard Thomas left us at 2 P.M. Boys caught fish for supper[.] Musquitos very bad, eve better

Monday, June 30, 1862

Left camp at 7. A.M. passed Willow Springs[.] met Haights & another church train 11 & 12 am Camp on Fish Creek at 5 P.M.

Tuesday, July 1

Laid over till 4 P.M. Donahae & Brockman & others passed—hitched up and went on to horse creek at 6 p.m. Fin Gregg left me at noon—

Wednesday 2

set tin

Left camp at 7 1/4 A.M. noon on Sweet water [River]—crossed on lower Bridge 50—passed Devil's Gate & camp on Sweet water at 6½ P.M. Bremer driving my four mules

Thursday, July 3, 1862.

Left camp at 7½ A.M. 60 wagons[.] Organized train Capt Manville[.] Camp near Sweetwater at 3 P.M.

Friday 4

Left camp at 7 1/4 A.M. Camp at 2 P.M. on Sweetwater

Saturday 5

Left camp at 7½ A.M. passed 3 Crossings Station at 11 A.M. Saw Cyrus W. Robbins—through sand hills behind train—got into camp as train was leaving—went on and camped near Sweetwater at 5 P.M.

Sunday, July 6, 1862

Left camp at 7½ A.M. passed Ice Spring & Warm Springs stations—and camp on Sage Creek at 7 P.M. no grass—met 2 coaches and escort

Monday 7

Left camp at 5½ A.M. passed station B. Smiths shop & soldiers at 9 A.M. camp near good cold Spring at 11 ½ A.M.—30 miles from Pac spring [Pacific Springs.] good grass—

Tuesday 8

Laid over

Wednesday, July 9, 1862.

Louis S. Hills combed his hair twice[.] Left camp at 7½ A.M. met Captain G.O.V. & sent letters to S.S.H. & J.B.H. at 8A.M. Camp on Sweetwater at 3½ P.M. big snow bank here

Thursday 10

Left camp 7. A.M. train broke up South Pass at 12 M. Camp Pacific Springs 2 P.M. with Wilsons Co

Friday 11

Left camp at 7 A.M. Donohae & co took Sanders cutoff[.] camp on Dry Sandy at 3 P.M.

Saturday, July 12, 1862.

Left camp at 7½ A.M. Camp at 2 P.M. on Little Sandy

Sunday 13

Left camp at 7½ A.M. noon on Big Sandy[.] crossed at 2 P.M. Blocked little wagons[.] Camp near <[illegible]> at 5 P.M.

Monday 14

Left camp at 7 A.M. noon on hills[.] Camp at 5 P.M. on Big Sandy

Tuesday, July 15, 1862.

Left camp at 7. A.M. crossed Green River 12 to 4[.] Camp on same stream—

Wednesday 16

Laid over till 3 P.M. Drove 5 miles & camped at 5 P.M. in hills[.] King sick Mtn fever

Thursday 17

Left camp at 7. A.M. Camp in Hams Fork at 2 P.M.

Friday, July 18, 1862.

Left camp at 6½ A.M. Camp at 10 for noon near Blacks Fork. Camp on E side of Muddy creek at 5. P.M.

Saturday 19

Left camp at 7. A.M. noon in hills[.] Camp at 4 P.M. opposite Fort Bridger—mended 6 mule wagon

Sunday 20

Left camp at 8. A.M. Camp at Spring [illegible] 12 M[.] sent letter to Julia & folks at Bridger

Monday, July 21, 1862.

Left camp at 7½ A.M. noon in hills[.] Camp at 5 P.M. foot of Quaking Asp[en] Hill[.] Eaton & Fleming stoped at dark

Tuesday 22

Left camp at 7½ A.M. crossed Bear River 10 A.M. Doctors wagon under Bridge delayed 2 hours—Camp at 5 P.M. at forks of creek at Needle Rocks

Wednesday 23

Left camp at 7 A.M. Ox teams stampeded at 11 A.M. mule teams noon & P.M. at Head of Echo Can[y]on Station.

Thursday, July 24, 1862.

Left camp 8 A.M. noon at station[.] camp near mouth of Echo Kanyon—

Friday 25

Left camp 8. A.M. cattle missing[.] noon on Weber—forded Weber at 4 P.M. and camped foot of Bluffs 6 P.M. mouth [illegible] creek

Saturday 26

Left camp 8. A.M. Silver Cr Canon—near Wm Kimballs ranch[.] camp near top of Mt at 6 P.M. fracas in camp—man drew gun on another

Sunday, July 27, 1862.

Left camp 7. A.M. noon foot of little Mt[.] crossed at 2. P.M. Camp Emigration Kanyon 5½ P.M. broke for Salt Lake dusk[.] W.H. Folsom

Monday 28

Team arrived GSSC [Great Salt Lake City] at 9. A.M. unloaded freight at Deseret Store—

Tuesday 29