Transcript for Hindley, Jane Charters Robinson, Journals, 1855-1905, [16-21]

June 7 th we got up very early thiss morning as we expect to start to day

June 8th slept on the waggon last night

June 9th nothing pictular

June 10th there is several Indians round

June 11th we have traveled 20 miles to day

june 12th we have an exclent man for the Captain of the Company[.] his name is Mr John Hindley[.] I am not much acquainted with him

june 13th all is well

june 14 nothing of importance

june 15th we crossed the big blue thiss morning

June 16th we met a company going to England

june 17th

june 18th nothing pictular[.] travled 20 miles to day

june 19th we have traveled untill after dark

june [20]th the tougue of the waggon I felt rather afraid but by the assistance of the Captain all was soon right

june 21st we have recived oders not to go any further untill another company comes up[.] got more acquainted with Mr Hindley[.] he paid uss a visit to day

june 22nd nothing pictular

june 23 all well

june 24th very hot

june 25th the boys are bussy in hunting the buffloe

june 26 Sister Wright was babtzed thiss morning

June 27th we dont travel to day[.] went to the river side with the Captain

june 28th all well

june 29th we intend to travel all night in consuquence of not having water

june 30th we have arived at the Plat[te] River[.] my face is very much burnt with the Sun

july 1st we have had some murmering in camp to day[.] I was very sorry to hear it as it hurt the Captains feelings

july 2nd we have campt close to fort Carny [Kearney]

july 3rd all well

july 4th nothing pictular

july 5 another buffloe shot thiss morning

july 6th dont feel well

july 7th there has another company joined uss from the Bluffs[.] we are quite tiered wating for word to Start

july 8th got acquainted with a nice famly and with my friend Romania [B. Bunnell]

july 9th all well

july 10th have been thinking of home all day

july 11th we passed Plum creek to day

july 12th all well the weather encessinely [incessantly] hot today

july 13th nothing pictular

july 14 we are to Start before breckfast

july 15th all well

july 16th the Captain is taken Sick[.] Gelena and I took him some wine

july 17th we have traveled 25 miles to day

july 18 nothing pictular

july 19th it rained all night

july 20th arived at Ash hollow[.] it is a most romantic Spot[.] romania and I walked most of the day together[.] I enjoy her company very much

july 21st the road is very sandy and we cannot go for [far] to day

july 22 I had a Short walk with the Capt[.] he wished me to ride but I declined

july 23rd all well

july 24th nothing pictular

july 25 th Gelena and I went to see Chimney Rock

july 26 passed the Scots Bluffs to day.

july 27th all well

july 28th nothing pictular

july 29th all well

july 30th all well

Augst 1 the feed is very poor for the cattle

Augst 2 we have arrived at Dear [Deer] Creek[.] it is a Most beautifull place

Augst 3rd dont feel well

Augst 4 nothing pictular

Augst 5th all well

Augst 6 cleaned the waggon to day

Augst 7th we cross the plat[te] for the last time to day

Augst 8 all well

Augst 9th Bro. Buckwaters Waggon turned over in a creek[.] got his things wet

Augst 10th nothing pictular

Augst 11th all well we have passed through Devils Gate

Augst 12 all well

Augst 13 all well

Augst 14th nothing pictular

Augst 15th had the Capt to Supper

Augst 16th No feed hear [here]

Augst 17th all well

Augst 18th the Capt had to Scold thiss morning[.] I felt hurt to See the conduct of some of the men

Augst 19th Gelena has given her cloak away

Augst 20 we Strike the Green River to day

Augst 21st al well

Augst 22 nothing pictular

Augst 23 we will travel by moonlight to night

Augst 24th all well

Augst 25th we have just arived at Fort Bridger

Augst 26th all well

Augst 27th there has some Waggons from the Valley Met uss to day

Augst 28th all well

Augst 29th Bro Snow has just came in camp[.] we had Bro Hindley to dinner and he joined uss

Augst 30th we have got to weber river

Augst 31 all well

Sept 1st Bro Bennet has just arrived with Bro Samuel’s team to takes [take us] in[.] we enjoyed ourselves in his waggon with the Captain and another Brother[.] had some wine to drink

Sept 2 Bro Richard’s and Cains have com to Meet uss

Sept 3rd have arived at G S L City