Transcript for "Jane Charters Robinson Hindley, reminiscences", DUP Pioneer History Collection, Page 2-3.

May twelfth. For the first time in my life, I slept in a tent. This indeed seems like emigration. The appearance of the camp is very novel, remained in camp at Atchison until May twenty-third, when we went to Marman [Mormon] grove and from here we start our long journey across the plains.

June seventh. In a company of fifty wagons we started this morning on our way, the first independent train made up. We have an excellent man for our captain. His name is Mr. John Hindley. We are now traveling an average of twenty miles a day.

July eighth. Got acquainted with a nice family whose daughter became my dear friend Romania Bunnell Pratt Penrose. Many miles we walked together through the sand with the hot sun piercing down upon us with cheerful hearts journeying toward the promised land.

On the evening of September third, 1855 we arrived in Great Salt Lake City.