Transcript for Historical letters and sketches, 1919, 24

In the spring of 1850 we started on our long journey to Utah: in crossing the plains we had two yoke of oxen and two yoke of cows and a camp wagon.

We were very comfortable on this journey, there were six in the family. My father [Nathan Cheney] would have to take his turn standing guard at night. One morning after he had been on guard all night he lay down to rest, and my little brother was driving the oxen when he fell out and was run over by the heavily loaded wagon; he was picked up for dead. One of the brethern said, “Your son is gone Bro. Cheney”, they felt like they could’nt give him up, so they had him anointed and administered to, and he was healed through the blessings of the Lord, and was able to run around and play the next day.

After travelling four months we arrived in Salt Lake City, Oct. 6, 1850. We all enjoyed the journey very much. Mother [Eliza Ann] never enjoyed better health, as she had always been rather delicate. It was a great pleasure to be with the Church again.