Transcript for Hobson, John Henry. "Autobiography," in Nora Crystal Hall Lund Biographies Collection, circa 1950-1983, Nora Crystal Hall Lund (4 reels, Microfilm; 4 boxes, Typescript), reel 2, 2

We landed in New York July 28, 1868. We went from there to Benton, Wyoming on the railway some of the time riding in box and open cars. The remainder of the journey by ox team, with Daniel McArthur as captain of the company. There were sixty two wagons and over six hundred passengers, there were twelve persons in our wagon besides the driver and our luggage. When we made our first camp on the plains after the oxen had been turned out to feed a young man about 20 years of age had been carr[y]ing a double barreled shotgun, as he was getting in the wagon he caught the trigger on the wagon tongue and accidently killed himself. After a few days travel a woman di[e]d and was buried by the roadside.

a few days later two men with a mule team was passing our train of ox teams, I was riding with the captain of our company on his horse. He stopped the two men and talked with them. He told them we were in a dangerous country and that if they camped alone the Indians would attack and kill them. They went on, not heeding the warning and the following day one of the men was found dead, killed by the Indians.

We made our first camp on the Weber River where the Echo reservoir dam now is. George and Anthony Heiner, tow [two] men from Morgan heard of the company being camped on the river and came to see if they could get men to work on the railroad.