Transcript for Horne, Joseph Smith, Autobiography of Joseph Smith Horne [1984], 28-29

While there is room in the wagons for some to ride, many have to walk. Wm. Spencer is our teamster. As we journey from day to day the people alternate so that none walked all the way.

On the 30th and 31st our teamster went with others to hunt Antelope and I drove the team. Some antelopes were killed.

On Sunday Sept. 6th our meeting was cut short by a shower or rain. Harry [Henry] Carroll was tried for stealing; found guilty. He was dipped in Platte River, then marched around the carral [corral] with a log chain to each ankle. When we reached the camps of men working on Pres. B. Young's R.R. contract, several men left us and went to work. While we were in camp on Grass Creek old Sister [Annie] Osborne who had been feeble all the way, died. She was buried at Coalville.

On Sun. 13th I drove a team while the teamster went to visit friends in Coalville. As we were passing through town my brothers Richard and John came to get Br. Hoagland and me. Said my parents and sisters were anxiously awaiting our arrival in Parley's Park. I soon found a man to take charge of the team. We left the train and hurried on. At the head of Silver Creek Canyon we met father, mother and four of my sisters who were delighted to welcome us. For particulars of our journey see my journal "A". We were all glad to get home safely.