Transcript for "Horses, Mules, Oxen, Cows, &c., for Crossing the Plains," Frontier Guardian, 14 Nov. 1851, 2

Horses, Mules, Oxen, Cows, &c., for Crossing the Plains.

Having had much experience in traveling across the plains by performing the trip four times, and having observed diligently the kind of animals that endure and perform the journey best, and that are the best adapted for the kind of service required, we propose to purchase and keep on hand, as early in the Spring as necessary, horses, mules, oxen, cows, and as many wagons as we can procure, that are suitable for the trip. Thus emigrants may avail themselves of the experience of a competent judge who will purchase and keep on hand for the accommodation of emigrants the above articles, together with provisions, &c., &c.

Such as may wish to avail themselves of this opportunity, will please forward their orders in due season to facilitale their intended journey; accompanying which, drafts on responsible houses, or certificates of deposits to the amount of the desired purchase as nearly as a calculation can be reasonably made, must invariably attend such application to insure attention.

The property will be furnished as low as can be purchased in the country, with the addition of the expense and trouble of purchasing and driving. We have no hesitation in assuring all who may wish to purchase the foregoing property, that we will furnish it cheaper, at this place, than they can purchase themselves, and of a more suitable quality for crossing the plains.

Certificates of deposite with Beach, Eddy, Jamison & Co., of St. Louis, are just the same as cash in hand with us; or with any responsible banking house between this place and New Orleans, or between this place and the City of Boston.

To prevent theft and forgery, these drafts or certificates of deposite will receive a private mark when endorsed by us, and this mark will be forwarded by letter forthwith to the house that issued them; and should a draft or certificate be presented without this private mark, the house may know that such bill or draft has been purloined and our endorsement counterfeited thereon.

Those who purchase and forward drafts, or send us certificates of deposite, should inform the house that issues them, concerning this private mark, which they are to receive by letter for us before they cash their paper.

All letters or orders addressed to Orson Hyde, Editor of the Frontier Guardian, Kanesville, Iowa, will receive due attention.