Transcript for Hugh Moon, The book of the life of Hugh Moon, 4

October 21, 1847—Hugh Moon Jr., son of Hugh and Maria Moon was born. There was a man by the name of Robert Wilson working near to where we lived in a Copper Shop. I went and engaged with him to learn me the copper trade in order to make a fit out to go to Salt Lake Valley where a company of pioneers had gone the year before. I made sufficient to buy tires, iron, etc., for a wagon, the timber of which I had got out while at Nauvoo.

Hyrum Mott, uncle to my wife, paid for the blacksmithing which was a great blessing to us, for we were poor in consequence of sickness. Maria, my wife, had a yoke of small steers and two cows, or rather a cow with a broken hip bone and a heifer. I made my wagon myself. We hitched up our little team and put our little duds into the wagon and in company with Moses Whitter [Whitaker] started for Salt Lake Valley, 1848—May 15th.

June 1—We got Pisgah.

June 14—We reached Council Bluffs.

July 2—We started for Salt Lake.

July 6—Crossed Elkhorn – We overtook Amasey [Amasa Mason] Lyman’s company under the command of Captain [James Madison] Fleak [Flake].

July 8—We camped on the Plat[t]e river

July 16—We crossed the Loppefork [Loup Fork].

July 28th—A pleasant day, hard drive. About 6 o’clock we drove up between the Platte River and chain of Sant Hills, stopped a little while, then was turned back by Captain Fleak. We went ¾ of a mile and camped.

July 30th—Touched at the Platte, had meeting, divided the company into three divisions; brother A. Lyman gave some good instruction, etc.

August 7th—Met a war party of Sioux Indians. They stopped the company, held a council, we gave a small donation then they let us go on.

August 19th—Crossed the Laramie forks at the fort.

August 29th—Came to Deer Creek—stopped a week to recruit the stock.

September 28th—Crossed Green River.

October 11th—Came to Weber.

October 19th—Got to Salt Lake Valley.

Hugh Moon, Jr., son of Hugh and Maria Moon died on the 7th of November, 1848, being one year and seventeen days old. He died in consequence of the hardships of coming over the plains to Salt Lake.