Transcript for Huntington, Oliver Boardman, Diaries, 1843-1932, 9 July 1848

Sunday July 9th was my day to herd cattle which I done all day. We were then 380 1/2 miles from Winter Quarters and had traveled 78 miles the last week. As yet the camp and in fine, all the comps had got along well, and with few accidents. Three had been run over in our camp and one wagon turned over which was brother Gates'. He blamed his women severly for it, and what mortified him worse than all, it disclosed a bbl. of wine; before unknown. The wagon turned square bottom side up, no one in it. That night he quarreled with his wife and whipped. The guard about 11 o'clock saw it and when the hour came to cry, he loudly cried 11 o'clock, all is well and Gates is quarreling with his wife like hell.