Transcript for "Immigrants Arrived," Salt Lake Daily Telegraph, 21 September 1864, 3

IMMIGRANTS ARRIVED.—Capt. Joseph S. Rawlins' train of 60 wagons, about 500 souls total, English and Scotch, arrived yesterday. They left Wyoming July 15th. Two births and 19 deaths occurred during the journey. The company had a good trip, meeting with no serious accidents, excepting the loss of about 30 oxen by disease on this side of Laramie.

The following are the names of the deceased, most of them of dysentery:—Mary Ann Knighton, Jesse Galliers, James W. Price, Mary Ann and Elizabeth [Bowker] Groenhalgh [Greenhalgh], Ann Farson [Fawson], George Levy, Thomas Payne, W. B. Speris [William B. Spens], Jonathan Hogin [Hodgson], Agnes Pendleton, Rachael [Kilner Harrop] and Peter Sharples, Charlotte Drable, Sarah Lynn [Limb], Ann [Pennington] Booth, Eleanor Anderson, Joseph Greenwood, and James Hod[son.]