Transcript for "Immigration," Deseret News, 16 September 1857, 224

IMMIGRATION.-Elders James A. Little and George Thurston arrived on the 11th inst., in advance of their company, which was about starting from the Devil's Gate on the 2nd.

On the 12th, Elders Israel Evan and Benjamin Ashby arrived with the first handcart company, and Elder Jesse B. Martin with the first wagon company.

13th, the second handcart company, Elder Christian Christiansen, Captain, and the second wagon company, Elder Matthias Cowley, Captain, came in.

14th, part of the Texas company arrived under charge of Elders John and William Moody.

Aside from the returning missionaries above named, we have casually learned that Elders C. R. Dana, D. B. Dille, O. G. Workman and James P. Park have returned. It is possible that still more missionaries have already arrived, but as no one has taken the slight trouble to report, it only remains to print what can be accidentally learned in the hurry of other business.

Thus far the missionaries and companies have arrived in excellent spirits, time, and condition, and the balance of this year's immigration will soon be here.