Transcript for "Immigration," Deseret News, 2 September 1857, 208

IMMIGRATION.-Elder Samuel W. Richards writes from Deer Creek, August 18, that Elder Walker's train with passenger freight and Elder Levi Stewart's train with goods were 40 miles this side of the Devil's Gate, on the 16th; Elder Jesse B. Martin's wagon company and Elder Israel Evans' hand-cart company were 4 miles east of Independence Rock, on the morning of the 17th; on the same day, br. Moody and a part of the Texian company were 4 miles east of the Willow Springs; Elders [Mathias] Cowley, [Christian] Christianson and [James P.] Parks' wagon and hand-cart companies were camped at the Upper crossing of the Platte, on the evening of the 17th, and 3 miles below the Upper crossing were Elder Homer Duncan and the balance of the Texian company. Elder Jacob Hopheins [Hofheins] and James Hart's wagon companies passed Deer Creek, on the 18th; and Elders William G. Young and James A. Little and company were expected to arrive at Deer Creek in about two days.