Transcript for "Immigration," St. Louis Luminary, 2 Dec. 1854, 6

IMMIGRATION. – On the 29th November, Captain James Brown and company with 42 wagons, on the 30th, Dr. Darwin Richardson and company with 40 wagons, and on the 1st of October, Elder Daniel Garn and company with 38 wagons, arrived in this city in good condition and camped on Union Square.

The Church Train is now coming in.

Elder Robert Campbell, in the rear companies, writes to Govenor Young from Fort Kearney, Aug. 21, that their cattle are fat, the feed and roads good, and that Bro. [William] Emp[e]y and the rear company were only a few days behind them. They were making good headway, and will doubtless be able to escape the inclement weather, as all are probably this side of the South Pass, and perhaps this side of Green river.