Transcript for "Immigration to Utah," Deseret News, 15 October 1856, 254

Third Hand Cart Company—E. [Edward] Bunker, Captain.

G. [George] W. Davies; Thomas Axton and family, Margaret, Barbara and Robert Barker; Samuel [Taylor] and Alexander Orton, Thomas Jenkins.

John Parry, Thomas Rees and family, Daniel Lewis, Enoch Lewis and family, William Lewis and wife, Elizabeth and Ellen Davies, Mary Llewellyn and family, Henry Jenkins and family, Eliza [or Elvira] Thomas, Edward Thomas, Elias Lewis and wife, Thomas D. [David] Evans and wife, John T. [Teague] Thain and wife, John and Martha Cousins, John R. Roberts and family, Elizabeth Lane; Mary Davies and family, Isaac Rees and wife, David Evans, William Morgan and wife, William and James Morgan, Samuel Brooks and family.

William and Elizabeth Hughes, Owen Owens, Margaret Jones, Owen Jones; Elizabeth Hughes, Thomas D. [Davies] Giles and family, Ann Hughes, Elizabeth Walters; Harriet Parry, John Parry and family, John Williams and family, Edward, Eleanor and Ann Parry, William Jones and wife; Thomas Jones and family, Richard Williams, Sarah Walters, David Roberts and family, Morris N. [Nuland] Morris and wife, Thomas and John Jenkins, Joseph Chapel [or Chapple] and family, Catherine Williams and family, Hopkin Mathews and family, Thomas Jarman and family, Ann Butler and children, Thomas Evans and son, Hannah [Daniels] Job and daughter, Hannah Davies, John James, Sarah James, Rees [R.] Llewellyn and wife, David Evans and wife, Ann Perkins.

John Parry, Daniel, Ann and Margaret Thomas, Letitia Williams; Hannah [Bateman] Walters and family, Thomas Evans and family, Edward Phillips and family, William Jenkins and family, Abraham Evans and family, Nathaniel Edmonds [Edmunds] and family; John Edmonds [Edmunds], David Lewis and family, Morgan Evans and family, Thomas Morgaus [Morgan] and wife, John D. [Dunn] Roberts and family, Margaret Rees and family, Moses Evans, Louisa Phillips [Louisa Rosser Evans], James Bridge, William Watkins and wife, Ann Mathew [Matthews], John Butler and wife.

David Grant.

John McDonald.


Fourth Hand-Cart Company—Capt. J. G. Willie.

J. [James] G. Willie, William Woodward, John Chislett, Thomas Moulton and family, Jesse Impey and family, Wm. Reed and family, Ann [Foulks] Osborn, Joseph Oborn and family, Sarah Charles [Chowles], William Edwick, Alfred Peacock, Jeminia [Brown] Rogers and daughter, Mary P. [Priscilla] Griffiths, Susannah Stone, Mine A [Minnie Ann] Cook, Sarah A [Ann] Williams, Esther [Young] Millard, Elizabeth Tite, Betsey [Elizabeth Gent] Stanley, Mary A Stockdale, Julia and Emily Hill, Amelia Evans, Cicella [Cecelia] and Sarah Norris, Mary A [Ann] and Adelaide Cooper, David Reader and family.

Mary A [Ann Fenn] Bird and family, Joseph [Laban] Wall and wife, Benjamin Culley, Rebecca Langman, Elizabeth and Jane Culley, Rebecca Pilgrim, Ann Oliver, Ann [Brummel] Cooper.

Theophilus Cop [Cox], James Harren and family, William Philpot and family, Daniel Osborne and family, Rose Key [Kay] and family, Thomas Girdlestone and family, Mary A [Ann Clark] Perkins, Samuel Gadd and family.

John Linford and family, Mary A [Ann] Miller, Ann Howard, Mary E. Bretton [Mary Ann Warr Britton], Mary A [Ann Rice Winter] and Elizabeth Fannel [Funnel], Samuel [H.] Witts, Ann Bryant; Thomas Hooley, Charles Gumier [Gurney] and family, Hannah [Watson] and Maria [Watson] Kirby, Abraham Ore and wife, John Nockolds; George and John Brazier, George Isgra [Ingra] and wife, Kitty A [Ann Ingre] Tassell.

Ellen Tofield [Toffield], Lucy Ward, James Oliver, Elizabeth [Ramsey] Kirkpatrick, James Gardner and family, Wm Hailey and wife, Joseph Meadows and wife, Mary [Davis] and Hannah Dorney, Edward Bowles and wife. Jane Rowley, Thomas Oakley [Oakey] and family, Edward Wheeler and family, Frederick Wall and wife, Jenet [Janetta] and Mary Hodges, Emma Summers, Sarah Steed, Mary A. [Ann Williams] Newman and family, Maria Chetwin, Sophia [Mason] Crook and daughter, Richard and Ann [Herbert] Godfry, Anna Herbert and son.

Thomas and Enoch Bowles, John Roberts, Wm. Jeffry [or Jefferies], Richard Hardwick, Richard [F.] Turner, George Humphries and family, John Richins and family, Cresterton J. [John] Gilman [Gillman], Eliza Witbom and son, Elizabeth Panting and family, James Read [Reid] and family, Mercy Miller and son, Martha [Webb] Campkin and family.

John James, George Curtis, Wm. James and family, Harriet and Ellen C. [or Louisa] Showel [Showell], Sarah West, Wm Smith and wife, Mary [Bubb] Roberts; John Bailey and family, Ellen Jones, Ann [Jewell] Rowley and family, Wm Page.

Catherine M. [Mary] Griffiths, Edward Griffiths.

Allen M. [McPherson] Findlay and family, Archibald McBell [McPhail] and family, Margery Smith and family, Alexander Birt [Burt], Thomas Stewart and family, David [Patterson] Anderson, Wm. Ledington [Leadingham] and family, James Land [Laird] and family, James Cunningham and family, Castina Brown, James Gilb [Gibb] and wife, Andrew Smith, Mary A Calchwell [Margaret Ann McFall Caldwell] and family, Barbara Kelly, Ann Tesit [Tait], Christena [[Christina]McNeil, John McCollick [McCullough], Jane A [Ann] Stuart, John Stewart and family, Isabella Wilkey [or Wilkie], Elizabeth Forbes, John Kelly and wife.

Joseph McKey [McKay], Margaret Douglish [Dalglish].

Peter Madsen and wife, Anne Olson, Beria [Birthe or Berta] Neilsen, Emma [Emelie]Brewant [Bravandt], Peter Jacobson and family, Marcan Gregerson [Maren Gregersen], Ella Neilson, Louiza Lontross [Lautrup], Johana M. [Marie] and Catherine Jenson, Mari [Maria Kristine Amitzbol Andersen] and Anne Anderson, Anders Christenson, Cole [Ola] Wickland and family, Cassius [Rasmus] Hanson, Jens Petersen and family.

Jens Sanberk [Sanberg], Jens Neilson and family, Peter Larson [Larsen] and family, Paul Jacobson [Jacobsen] and wife, Rasmus P. [Peter] Hanson, Hareana Jergonson [Mareann Jorgensen], N[e]ils Anderson and family, Christen Jergonsen [Jorgensen], Andres [Anders] Jenson [Jensen] and family, Rasmus Hanson and wife, Carsten Jenson, Lars Vandein [Vendin or Vandelin], Peter Mortenson [Mortensen] and family.

Nils Hanson and wife, Anders Jergonson [Jorgensen] and family, Sophia Peterson [Sophie Catherine Wilhelmine Kauen] and family, Oele Madson [Ole Madsen], Peter Marsen [Madsen] and family, Petrina C Janes.

John Ahmansen [Johan Ahmanson].

Elizabeth Tealt [Tait].

Millen Atwood, Levi Savage.

Wagon Company, organized at Florence, with the Fourth Hand Cart Company.FROM ENGLAND.

J[ames]. S[herlock]. Cantwell and family, J[ohn]. T[homas]. Geary and family.

A. L. [Andrew Lafayette] Siler, N. L. [Neils Lars] Christianson, Reverina [Mount] Leason and son, J. A. [John Alexander] Jost and family, C. [Christine] Anderson.

Fifth and Sixth Hand Cart Companies—Captain Edward Martin.

John Toone, Hannah Wardell, Jemima Cook, John Oldham and family, Elizabeth Parks, John Jaques and family, Tamar Loader and Family; George Lawley, John Parkinson and family, John Oleston [Ollerton] and family, James and Elizabeth [Ollerton] Wilson, Sarah [Ann Bradshaw] Jones and family, Mary A [Ann] Greening, Lydia [Elizabeth] Hooker, Harriet Bennett, Jane Gibbons, Martha Anglesea, Samuel Jackson and family, James Melior [Mellor] and family, Joseph Moss and family, Margaret Robison [Margaret Angus Robinson] and family.

Jane [Archer] Nightengale and family, Sarah Grundy, Ann [or Hannah] Hicks, Robert Kirkman and family, Samuel [Lee] and Esther [Clough] Ramsden, William Openshaw and family, Charles Lord and family, James Stones [Stone] and family, Charles Lord and family, James Stones Stone] and family, Sarah Franks, Mary [Soar] Taylor and family; Charles Woodcock, Harriet and George Housely [Housley] , George [W.] Padley, Eliza [Elizabeth Gill] Hartley, Elizabeth Bowes, Esther Parker and family, Mariann [Mary Ann] and Emily Marshall, John Hartle and family, Ann Anderson, Hannah Thornton and family, John Maine, Eliza [Cusworth] Burton, Eliza Allen, John J Andrews, Andrew Tasker, John Woodhead, Samuel Stinson and family, John [Evington] Bitten [Bitton] and family, Hannah Speakman, Robert Mattison and family, Hannah [Middleton] Hawkey and family, Catherine Yam, Thomas Normanton and family, George Barnes and family Robert Whitoker [Whitaker].

William Barton and family, Richard Kemer [or Vermer], William Wignall and family, Charles Hall and family, Mary A [Ann Malley] and Thomas [Caton] Riley, Robert Clifton and family, John Griffith [Griffiths] and family, William Howard, James and Sarah R [Rebecca Elkins] Walker, Richard Collins and family, William [L. Spicer] and Eliza [Camp] Ponder [Binder], John Watkins and family, Susannah Patching, Maria White, Samuel [Milford] Rhead [Read] and family, Aaron Jackson and family, Mary Horrocks, John and Sarah Bodwell [Rodwell], Francis and Elizabeth Webster, William Middleton and family James [Godson] Bleake and family, Allred [Alfred] Bridge, Ellen Atherton, Elizabeth Johnson.

Thomas Dobsen and family, Charles Jackson and family, Ellen and John Carter, Mary [Ferron] Rogerson and family, Henry [Agustus] Squires and family, Jonathan Clegg and family, Luke Carter, Henry Kemp, Charles Tivelves [Twelves] and family, Ann [Crompton] Barlow and family, Mary Harper Elizabeth Green, Charles Edmonds, Robert Holt, and fmaily, Thomas and Mary Durham, Eliza Martin [or Morton], Sarah Hurst [or Hulst], Samuel Haigh, Elizabeth [Simpson] Bradshaw, Sarah A [Ann] Haigh, Robert [Hall], Esabella [Jane] and Richard [Paul] Bradshaw.

Mary and George Herring, Solomon and Elizabeth Robinson, Margaret [Unwin] Clark, Sarah Foster, Eliza Elliot, Martha [Robinson] Blackham and family, Mary Crossley and family, Thomas and William Walworth [or Walwork], Thomas Dodd and family, Rachel [Watts] and Charles Wright, Sarah [Ann] Morley, Elizabeth Moore [or Moores] Sarah Ryle [or Royal], James Loyd and family, Mary and Ann Gregory, Ann Johnson, Peter Mayoh and family, Thomas Ecles and family, Nathan Brooks and family, Esther and Joseph Haslam, Samuel Prusell and family.

Ann [Aldred Polit] Williamsen and family, Benjamin and Mary [Graves] Platt, Ann Wrigley, Eliza [or Elizabeth Schofield] and Robert Pusell, William Walsh and family, Richard [John] Blakey and family, Robert Pearce, Daniel Massey [or Maisey] and family, Eliza Pears, Elizabeth Wright and daughter, Joseph and Ann Beswick, Elizabeth and Mary Haydock [or Haycock].

Frederic U. [Charles] and Elizabeth Robinson, William Ashton and family, John Peel and family, John Thompson and family, John Dorrias [Douglass] and family, Thomas and Eleanor [Grant] Ord, William [Thomas] and Mary [Astle] Severn, Ann and Caroline Jaques, Edmund Davis, William and Harriet Edwards, Rovert [Robert] and William Turner, Jane and Elizabeth [Eleanor] Brown, Thomas Bird, Mary Jupp, John Bailey and family, Benjamin and Margaret Beer [Keef], John and Mary [or Sarah] Halford, James Thorn, Jonathan Stone, Charles [O.] Watts, James Shorter [or Shorten], Lydia Higgs, William Harrison and family.

James and Sarah Leah [or Leigh], James Thomas, Amelia [Ann Thomas] Jervis and family, Elizabeth Taylor, Edward Munn, Joseph and Ann [Pugh] Acres [or Akers], Richard Ledden [or Sedden] and family, Richard Brice and family, Mary Hill, Ann Crane, Elizabeth Haycock [or Haydock], John B. [Bussey] Shorten, Sarah Taylor, William T Walker, Thomas J. Franklin and family, Joseph and Jane Woodcock, John Hiott [Hyatt], William Hill and son, Sarah [Parkinson] Wignall and family.

William Jones, Ann J. Thomas, Sarah [Hughes] Wilkinson.

James Steele and family, Mary [Murray] Murdoch [Murdock], Moses Thompson, Robert McBride George P Waugh, Paul Gourlay and family, James Hunter, David Blair and family.

Mary [Ann] Wiley [or Wylie], Maria [or Marie] and Eleanora [or Eleanor] Allen, Mary and James Mitchel [Mitchell], Margaret Parrit [or Porrit], Nathaniel Payton [or Peyton] and family.

George and John Hunter, James Kewley and family.

Bone Bartholme [Barteleme or Bathrolomew].

Mary A Quin and family.

Aaron [Barnet] Giles.

Elias White and family, Elizabeth and James Taylor.

Wagon Company—John A. Hunt, Captain.

Joshua Stephenson, Ann Ashbrook, Jane Henning, James Smith and Family, Ann Johnson, William and Georgiana [Sarah Georgianne Burrows] Paul, George R Allen, Samuel Price, James Holly and family, Charles and Mary Holly [Holley], George and Sarah [Cook] Braby, Thomas and Hannah Hookey, John Turner and family, Henry and Harriet [Cheeseman] Mitchell, Thomas B [Bagshaw] and Elizabeth Boderick [Broderick], Elias and Ann Davis, Ann Kingman, Sarah [Ann] Smith, William Goble and family.

John Wiseman and family, Caroline Brenchley, Richard Pay and family, William Barton [or Burton], William Latey, Hannah Knight, George Derry and family, Amelia Strut, Joseph Derry, William Spicer and family, Lousee Goodey, Mary J Cutelige [Cutliffe], George Austin, William Beasly and family, William Handy, Edward Petty, John and Harriet Hicks, William Gorden [Gardner], Charlotte [Elizabeth Jane Ravill] Rowe and family, Margaret Tripp, Emily [Grace] Williams, Edmund J Brooks, Mary M [Matilda] and Rachel [Whymer] Latrille, Ruth Burlington [Billington], Elizabeth Gaskeil [Gaskill], James Reece [or Reese] and family, John Ennion, Ida Reading, Mary E Ennion, Richard Whitehead and family, George May, Thomas Parker and family.

Henry and Lucy Holly, Mary Smith and family, Robert Standing [or Standring], Geo F [Finley] Brooks, Maryann [Mary Ann or Margaret] Hill, Eliza [White] Brooks Elizabeth White and family, James [Morris] Farmer and family, Henry J Newnan [Newman] and family, William [or Willis] Salisbury and family, Edwin Summers.

James Creek [or Crick], Mary A Quinney, James and Elizabeth [Hutchinson] Wadsworth, Mary Autchinson [Hutchinson], James Wadsworth, Ann Jub, Elizabeth Cotton [or Colton], Henry Jakeman, John Hardcastle, John B. Horton [or Shorten], Elizabeth Haycock, Wm Bell and family, Wm Hancock, John Whitaker, Elijah Chapple, Rebecca Clark, Ann Malin.FROM WALES.

Elizabeth A and Emily Player, Thomas Thomas, John Lewis and family, Sara [Sarah] Davis, Jane Williams, Richard Griffiths, Samuel and Sarah Evans, Morris Jenkins and family, Kuth [Ruth] James, Lewellen [Lewellyn] Lewis, John Dee and family, Hannah Evans, Wm. Thomas, David and Elizabeth Davis, Thomas Jones, John Ellis, John Jones and family, Mary Hopkins, Ann Rees, Rossar Jenkins, Rufus Lewis, John Price and family, John Walter [Walters] and family, David Bower [Bowen] and family, George and Martha Sinnatt.


John Galbraithe, Geo R McDonald, Henry Baxter and family, Susan [or Susannah Hamilton] Grant and family, Joseph McMurrin and family, Elizabeth Leaing, Alexander and John Dow.

Hester [or Esther] Brown.

Hans P Fredrickson.

Olrich Briner [Hans Ulrich Bryner] and family, Alois Power [or Bauer], Susannah Briner [or Bryner].

Hester [or Esther] Stock.

Sarah Taxford, Gilbert Spencer.

Second Wagon Company—Capt. Cannte [Canute] Peterson.

Jens P Didrikson, Christian Jensen, Karen M Peterson, Christan Sorensen, Peter Madsen and family; Ellen Sorensen, Hans Neilson and family; Peter and Lizze Jenson, Anders Hansen and family; Jorgen and Rasmus Jorgenson, Soren and Annie M Christopher, Caroline and Christian S Jorgenson, Neilson and Annie Johanson, Jens—and Maren Sorenson, Christen and Jacob Jensen, lars and Annie M. Jensen, Naren, lars and Annie S Anderson, Basmus Hansen, H G C Basmus and family; Lars Anderson and family.

Peter Anderson and family, Stephanus Davisine C Moss, Ole Larson and Caroline Samuel, Laust Jorgenson, Jeppe Iverson and family; Lars G Hansen, Johana Olsen and family; Christine Noblin, Annie J Neilson, Jens C Jenson, Amund A Dahle and family; Neils C Neilson and family; Annie K Rasmusen, Peter M Makkeprang and family; Hans J Munch, Frederick Phier, Christine Johnson, Peter J Halling and family, Soren Jensen, Kirsten Petersoff, Johannes Anderson and family.

Knud Peterson, Soren and Caroline Sorenson, Hans P Smith and family; Christen and Annie S Jacobson, Andres Anderson, Neils and Dorothy m Bentzin, Hans Neilson, Frederick J and Kristine M Christiansen, Jens Neilson, Martin Lund and family; Niels C Sorenson, Johana M Anderson, Soren Neilson and family; August Sevensdon, Peter and Dorothy M Morgenson.

John Powell and family; Thoe Gasagon, Eliza Smith and child, Joseph Marvin and family, John Garmer and family; Josiah W Hawkins and family; James and Hannah Paltryman, Jabib and Caroline Parmey and child, John Hudmon and family; James and Jane Cooper, Ann M Woodcock, Henry Appleton and family, William shill, James Liptrot, John Ellison and family, Ann Libirot, John Newton, David and Phebe Williams and child, Samuel Martin.

Wm and M Morrison.

William Clark and family; Isabel and Eliza Evans, Mary A Clark, Wm Evans, Daniel Simpkins, Thomas W Treat, Thomas Addams, Wm Stringham and family; Philip and Mehetable Stringham, Mary Jane Barr, Henry Boley, Alfred Gay and family; Margaret and Mary Gatteny.

Joseph and Sarah C Millett, George Case and family; William Showell, Amos Gustin, Elizabeth Griffith, Benj. Hampton and family.

Solomon [Ellis] Parker and family; Joseph Parker, Henry Watson.

H. P. Morrison, George Smith.

Third Wagon Company—Capt. John Banks.

Aleck and Sarah A Daft, Jesse Field, Isaac Lloyd, Robert and Elizabeth Taylor, Catherine Gardner, John Bunker, Henry and Ellen Greenhalgh, Charles South, Wm. Pickard, Isaac Dunford and family; Thomas and Francis Brecker [or Brecke], John Bainbridge and family; Robert Wallace and family; Joseph Shepherd and family; James Wood and family; Mathew Johnson and family; Josh Jones and family; Ann and James Jones; Christopher Scott and family.

George Chrisholm [or Chisholm] and family; George and Mary A. [Ann] Foster, Elizabeth Welch and family; Joseph Jones and family; John, Ann and Henry Hawkins; James White, Joseph Watt [Watts], Eliza Hibbard, Maria [Marie] Carter, Sarah Bumford [or Bamford], Eliza Cox, Mary A [Ann] Burton and family; John and Caroline [Methven] Thackham, Mary [Sudbury] Humphreys and family; Robert Farley and family; Thomas Harriss [Harris] and family; Williams Dinwoody and family; Henry Rampton and family; Esther Walter, Jane [Carter] Fox and boy, Ann Langfield, Sarah Green.

George and Sarah [Linnell] Gardiner, Thomas Jackson and family; John Kirkman, Soleman [Solomon] Hall, James Brooks and family; John and Mary [Ellison] Evans, Wm Summerfield and family; Mark Ralphs, John Sincup, Charles Hawtin and family; John [Sampson] and Jane [Clark] Hacking, George Soofe [Nimrod George Soffe] and family; Thomas and Elizabeth Hays, Henrietta Blythe, Mark and Margaret Holden, Charles Chard and family; Wm Holyhock [or Holyoak] and family.

Hannah Morrison, Johanna and Joseph Farmer.

Duncan Gilles, Aleck and Ellen Richardson, Mary and David Methvin [Methven], William and Eliza Hunter, John B. Walker, Wm Archibald and family; John Smith and family; Alexander [Simpson] Gibson and family; Joseph Moffet [Moffat] and family.

Henry Jennings and family; Jackson and Dorothy Clark, Warren Childs [Warren Gould Child] and family; Nickolas Groosbeck [Groesbeck] and family; Levi Gorley and family; Reuben Townsend, Ethram [Ephraim] Caffall, Isaac Carille [Carlisle] and family; Isaac Charles.

Charles Lange, Bertha [Odelia Louisa] Eyring.

Wagon Company—Capt. W. B. Hodgetts.

Emily [Teressa] Hodgetts, Mary Boden, Joseph Jerry [Perry], John Cooper, Mary A Lewis, James Dove and family; John Godsall and family; Amelia Williams, Elizabeth Burnham, William Bond and family; Thomas Higgs and family; Ann Williams.

Richard Goler and family; William Ballan, Charles and Catherine [Rogers] Roper, Sarah Ann R Ballan, Ann and Charles W Ballan, William and Elizabeth [Owens] Hawkins, John Rowly [Rowley] and family; George Rowly [Rowley], James Rowly [Rowley], Ann S, Daniel S [Sinclair] and Christina G [Gibb] Gillies, Alice and Ann Leisley, Thomas Senior, W [William] and Elizabeth Fisher, George Watt, Jenry [Henry Lash] Latey, Samuel Bettel [Bithell], Sarah Taylor, Thomas and Jane Tenant [Tennant], Isabella Ayrton.

Thomas Tenant [Tennant], Alfred Philip [Phillips], Mary Hill, Thomas Slater, Joseph [N.] Jackson, Henry Sterly [Starley], William Ayrton, Jessimine Kouslett [Coslett].

John H. More [Moore].

William Stewart and family; Robert Gillies and family; Henry Hamilton.

Joseph and Ann Vernon.

Mary Scott and child, Sarah Ammon, N. T. [Nathan Tanner] Porter, Luke Provost and family; Elisha A Manning, George Higgs, Jesse Haven.

John Larson and family; C Christer, Anna [Johanne] Nilson, Hans C Lund, Christen Yensen [Jensen], N S [Nielsine Olsen] Lund and family; H Otsen [Hans Ottesen], L Lason [Line Larson], C, Mekelser [Ole Mikkelsen], Laro [Lars] Christer, Hans Rasmasen [Rasmussen] and family; L [Jorgen] and A [Anders] A Andersen, N Larson, A Neilsen [Anna Nilson], A [Anna] Peterson, M [Maren] Neilsen, N Crowsa, H C H [Frederick H. C.] Gadd, L Mason [Lars Madsen], B Mason [Bodil Madsen] and boy, K Kasmase, C and K Yenson [Christian and Karen Jensen], T Lanesen.

Lars Jergensen [Jorgensen], K Jergenson [Karen Jorgensen], N Soreson [Martha Sorensen] , K Jergensen [Karen Jorgensen].

John Swenson, Eliza Milsen [Nilson].

C. [Christian] Olsen, G Omesen [Grethe S. Ahmansen].