Transcript for "Interesting From the Plains," New York Daily Times, 31 July 1855

Interesting from the Plains.
ST. LOUIS, Monday, July 30.

We are in receipt of late advices from the Plains. Mr. HOLMENA, District Attorney of the United States for Utah, was at South Platt, en route for Washington, with dispatches from Col. STEPTOES to the War Department. He met no Indians or whites until he reached Sweet Water, where he found a large party of Mormons exploring for gold. They were damming and turning the bed of the river. A letter from a gold-seeker says, that they had found large quantities of silver. One man in the vicinity of Sweet Water took $40 of gold in a day. Gold had also been discovered on Medicine Bow Stream, southwest of Fort Laramie. Two hundred Arpio Indians were encamped a short distance from this river and were peaceable. They say if a war takes place between the Sioux and the troops they will join the strongest party. A war party of Sioux at Seaboute (LaBonte) Creek, fifty miles above Fort Laramie, were awaiting the arrival of troops, and threatened, if they did not arrive in ten days, they would kill every white man between Laramie and Devil's Gate.

Several trains of Mormons from Texas had been fallen in with between Fort Kearney and the Blues. They had lost twenty by cholera, but the balance were in good health.