Transcript for Ira Eldredge emigrating company journal, 1861 July-September

Tuesday July 2nd The First Company of Emigrants was Organized and encamped on Spring Creek, about 1½ miles from Florence; with the following Officers, Ira Eldridge {Eldredge} Capt. Soln. {Solomon} McIntosh, Assistant. Wm. {William} Crosby, Capt. of night Guard, and Commissary; John Cook Commissary and Chaplin. John Reed, Clerk.

July 3rd Travelled 5 h. and Camped at “Big Pappio” {Big Papillon Creek} 10 miles West of Florence. Good feed &c &c

July 4th On the Same ground.

July 5th Change made in the arrangment of Camp, but still on the same ground

July 6th On the same ground.

July 7 A new Camp was formed ¼ mile off.

July 8. On the same ground.

July 9th Travelled 6 h{ours}. (18 miles) and encamped on the Elkhorn River.

July 10th On the same ground.

July 11th Travelled 1¼ h. and encamped

July 12th On the same ground.

July 13th Travelled 5 h. and encamped near the “Dale House” on the Flat Slough 3 miles West of Fremont.

July 14th Travelled 5 h 10 m{iles}. and rested on the Platte {River.} Started again and travelled 3 h. Good Camping Grounds

July 15th Travelled 4½ h, Stoped. Travelled again 3½ h. and encamped for the Night on the Platte.

July 16th Travelled 2½ h. and Stopped. Travelled again 1¼ h{.} Crossed the Loup Fork at the Ferry and Camped.

July 17th Travelled 4¼ h., nooned. Afternoon travelled 4 h and encamped on the Platte, by “Eagle” Island.

July 18th Travelled 6½ h. nooned. Travelled again 3 h. and Camped for the Night.

July 19th Travelled 4½ h. Also 3½ h. and encamped on the Platte.

July 20th Travelled 6 h. Korralled {corralled}; we had a very heavy thunder Storm at noon. Travelled again 1½ h. Crossed the Ford of Wood River and camped.

July 21st Travelled 4¼ h. Camped on Wood River.

July 22nd Travelled 2½ h. Korralled. Took in the Flour that was left at Johnsons. Capt. J. {Joseph} W. Young, and Elders O. {Orson} Pratt, and E. Snow paid us a visit, and held a meeting and all felt blest by their Counsels. There is a little Sickness in the Camp, but nothing of a serious nature at present

July 23rd Travelled 4¼ h. and nooned on Wood River. hitherto we have had good land to Camp on with plenty of Wood, Water and Feed. And we have also had {p..} several heavy Storms; but fine and Cool weather for travelling. Afternoon Travelled 3¼ h. Camped on the Platte.

July 24th Travelled 4 h. 20 m{inutes}. (10 miles) Afternoon traveled 3 h. Camped on the Platte.

July 25th Travelled 4½ h. Also 6 hours. Camped on Platte close to Capt. {John} Murdock‘s and {Joseph} Horne’s Companies. We travelled about 2 hours after Sunset this day.

July 26th Travelled 3 h 20 m. Travelled again 4½ h. Camped for the Night.

July 27th Travelled 5 h in the morning. Afternoon 4 h Camped on the Platte{.} Capt. Horne about 6 miles ahead.

July 28th Travelled 4¼ hours; we are quite near Hornes Company again; we had a heavy sandy Road this forenoon. Good Feed; Wood; and Water. Quite a number in the Camp are sick; Capt. Eldridge believes it to be principally on account of the Saints drinking Standing rain-water, and also several have Bathed at noontide, and others have eaten what they thought to be mushrooms. The Weather is very hot to day, also Yesterday, for travelling. Afternoon traveled 3½ Camped on Skunk Creek. To day we passed Pawnee Spring.

July 29th Travelled 5 h. Heavy Sandy Road. Afternoon 3 hours and Camped on the Platte.

July 30th Travelled 5 h. Afternoon 4¼ Camped on the Platte We have had very hot weather the last few days.

July 31st Fine weather. Travelled 6 h. Crossed the Bluff Creek or Fork.. Afternoon travelled 2 h. Camped on the Pl…{Platte.} Heavy Sandy Roads all day.

Aug. 1st Travelled 5 h 25 minutes, over Sandy Bluffs or Hills. Afternoon travelled 4 h Camped at Goose Wig Creek {Goose Creek} on the Platte.

Aug 2nd Morning 3 h. Afternoon 5¼ h. Camped on the Side of a Hill near a Spring, about 1 mile off the Platte.

Aug 3rd Travelled 6½ h. Over a Sandy Road, hilly. Camped for the day.

Aug 4th Travelled 4½ h. Nooned near Ash Hollow. Afternoon 3¼ hours Camped on the Platte. Had a Heavy Thunder Storm with Rain.

Aug 5th Travelled 5¾ h. Afternoon 3¼ h. Camped on the Platte. made about 20 miles to day.

Aug 6 Travelled 4¼ h. Afternoon 2 h. Camped about a mile off from the Platte, near some Rocky Hills, having the appearance of Ancient Forts in Ruins.

Aug 7th Travelled 5 hours. Afternoon 3 h. Camped on the Platte, nearly opposite Castle Rock. Stormy night with heavy Thunder and Rain.

Aug 8th Travelled 6 hours. Afternoon 3¼ h. Camped on the Platte. We have been near Chimney Rock all day.

Aug 9th Travelled 4¾ h. Afternoon 2 h. Had to Stop on account of a very heavy Thunder Storm with Rain which continued all night. Camped near the Scotch Bluffs {Scotts Bluff}.

Aug 10th Travelled 5 h. Afternoon 4 hours Camped on the Platte.

Aug 11th Travelled 5 hours. Afternoon 4 h 20 minutes. Camped on the Platte. Travelled 20 miles to day{.} General good health in the Camp.

Aug 12th Travelled 7½ h. Very hot, and heavy Sandy Roads. We are now 2 miles east of Laramie. Evening Travelled 2 h. Camped on the Platte, after passing Horn’s & Murdock’s Companies.

Aug 13th Travelled 3 h. crossed the Platte and nooned. Afternoon 5¼ hours{.} Hilly and Rocky Road. No feed for Cattle or very scarce

Aug 14th Travelled 3¼ hours and Camped on Horse Shoe Creek.

Aug 15th} Travelled 3¾ h. nooned on the Platte. Afternoon 6 hours{.} Camped on the Platte. Good feed again.

Aug 16th Travelled 7 hours and crossed the Platte, we are now on the right side going up. Evening 1½ h. Camped on the Platte. Our Road to day was rough as though we were in huge Stone Quarries.

Aug 17th This Morning we travelled about 2 miles along the Platte and crossed it again. 5½ h nooned Afternoon 4½ h. Camped by the Le {La} Bonte Creek, which was nearly dry.

Aug 18th Travelled 5 hours and Camped about 2 miles west of Deer Creek Station; after getting in some Flour. We are still on the Platte, left side going up. Capt. J.W. Young, and Elders O Pratt and E. Snow came into Camp this Evening and attended our meeting.

Aug 19th Stormy morning. Travelled 4 h. 20 minutes. Evening 2h. Camped on the Platte. Elders Pratt and E. Snow with us.

Aug 20th Cold and Cloudy morn. Travelled ½ hour and had to stop for the Rain. Evening travelled 4¾ h. and Camped on the Platte.

Aug 21st Rained all Night. Cool and Chilly morning. Travelled 1½ crossed the Upper Bridge on the Platte and Camped. The Hills have the appearance of Campsie Hills in Scotland. Afternoon 4¾ h. It is now hot during the day, but cold at Night.

Aug 22 Travelled 9¾ h. Camped on the Hills. Good Water but little feed for Cattle.

Aug 23rd Fine but Cold. Started at 5 a.m. Travelled 2 h and Breakfasted in a Hollow or Vale {on Goose Creek, 5 miles west of Cedar Springs.} Good feed; and good water running down from the Hills. Travelled again 4 h. 10 m. and Camped on Greese Wood {Greasewood} Creek{.} Good feed and Water.

Aug 24th Travelled 8½ h. (15 miles). We passed Independence Rock and Devils Gate to day, and Camped 1½ mile west of Devils Gate on the Sweet Water {River}. Good feed for Cattle.

Aug 25 Very fine Weather for Travelling. Travelled 4 h 20 minutes and nooned on the Sweet Water. There are quite a number of the Cattle Sick and some have died. Afternoon 3 h. 10 minutes; Camped on the Sweet Water.

Aug 26th Travelled 4½ h. Nooned at the Three Crossings of the Sweet Water. Afternoon 4 h. Camped at the Crossing. We Crossed the Sweet Water three times to day.

Aug 27th Travelled 4½. Dry Camp. Afternoon 2 h Camped at the Hot Springs; which are also Sulphurous.

Aug 28th Late Start; fine morn. Travelled 2¾ nooned at Mud {Muddy} Creek, no feed, Stopped 1¼ h. Afternoon 4 h. 40 minutes and Camped in a Vale, at which there is a good and very cold Spring of Water. Good feed. We struck off the Rocky Ridge Road yesterday a mile or two before we Camped, and we are on the Seminole Road, which is not so rough as the Rocky Ridge Road.

Aug 29th Travelled 5½ h; down to the Sweet Water. Afternoon 3 h{.} Camped at the Upper Crossing of the Sweet Water.

Aug 30th Frosty Morn. Ice on the Water. Travelled 3 h 35 m. Camped for the day at the Base of the South Pass on the Sweet Water. Quite a number of the Cattle had to be Shod on account of lameness.

Aug 31st Travelled 5½ h. Through the South Pass and across the Pacific Creek. Nooned about 4 miles west of the Crossing; dry camp, no feed. Afternoon travelled 8 h, and Camped on Little Sandy. Good Roads. Good feed, and Water.

Sept 1st Very fine. Late Start. Travelled 4 h. crossed Little Sandy, and Big Sandy, and Camped on Big Sandy.

Sept 2nd Frosty morn, but not after about 8 a.m. Travelled 4½ h and nooned on Big Sandy about ½ mile west of Korrall Hollow. Afternoon 3½ h{.} Camped at the Big Bend of the Big Sandy. Good Road, feed and Water.

Sept 3rd Travelled 4 h 40 m. Crossed and nooned on Green River. Good feed. Afternoon 4 h. Dry Camp, but Good feed. We struck off from the River across the Hills. Good Road.

Sept 4th Fine Morn. Early Start. Travelled 6 h. Nooned on Hams Fork (after crossing it) by the Bridge at the Mail Station. Afternoon 1 h. Camped on Blacks Fork about ½ mile above the “Mail” Crossing {at the Bute {butte}.} Good feed and Water.

Sept 5th Travelled 6¾ h{.} Camped early on Blacks Fork after recrossing it. Good feed and Water.

Sept 6 Travelled 4¾{.} Crossed again{.} Crossed Blacks Fork; also Crossed Smiths Fork and nooned. Afternoon 4¼ and Camped about 1 mile west of the Fort at Bridger. Plenty of Feed, Water

Sept 7 Cool, but nice fresh air. Travelled 6½ h{.} nooned at the Forks on the Big Muddy. Good roads but Hilly. Good feed and Water, also on the Road. Afternoon 1¼ and Camped in the same Valley near a Spring.

Sept 8 Fine but Cold. Travelled 8 h. on the Military Rd{.} Very hilly, but good. Crossed Bear River and Camped on it at Chalk Creek Crossing, in a nice Valley.

Sept 9 Very fine, but very Cold. Travelled 7½ h. down to Chalk Creek Kanyon and Camped 7 miles below the Head of the Kanyon on Chalk Creek. Good Feed, but Water Scarce at this part of the Kanyon. Good Road, but Hilly & Steep

Sept 10th Frosty. Hot after about 8 a.m. Travelled down the Kanyon (4 h 10 m) and Camped on the Creek. Afternoon 3 h. Camped in the Kanyon.

Sept 11 Cool morn. Travelled 4 h 20 m. down the Kanyon to the Weber and nooned in the Valley. The Road is very rocky and the Creek has to be crossed quite a number of times near the Mouth of the Kanyon. Afternoon 2½ h. Crossed the Weber and Camped.

Sept 12 Travelled 5¾ h{.} nooned on Silver Creek Very pleasant Good Road. Afternoon 1¾ h and Camped astride Parleys Park.

Sept 13 Camped all day on the Same Ground. As the Clerks came from the City to Settle with the Passengers.

Sept 14 Travelled 6 h 20 m. and Camped in the Kanyon{.} Good Road all down the Kanyon.

Sept 15 Rolled down the Kanyon into the Valley and into the City after Travelling 7 h.

We have now Travelled 503 h. 5 minutes. The other portions of Time that we have been on the Journey we have rested.

We have had 6 Births, and 10 Deaths on the Journey.

John Reed Clerk




1. Eliza Jane Blizzard; born 1 Aug. 1861; Where: near Goose Wig Creek; {Goose Creek} name of father: John Carter; maiden name of mother: Rachel Elizabeth Blizzard; Remarks: The Mother is not living with the Father, John Carter.


2. Anne Rebecca al. Ghie {McGhie}; born 23 Aug. 1861; Where: Grese Wood Creek {Greasewood Creek}; name of father: James M. {Mc}Ghie; maiden name of mother; Isabella Lindsay

3. Ira Poulton; born 23 Aug 61; Where: (Goose Creek 5 miles West of Cedar Spring); name of father: Thos. Poulton; maiden name of mother: Mary Hyde

4. {Mary Ann} Rosalie {Rosalia} Carter; born 1 Sept. 61; name of father: James Carter; maiden name of mother: Harriet Wood; Remarks: Born on Big Sandy

5. Mosiah Abrahams {Abraham}; born 5 Sept. 1861; Where: Black Fork {Blacks Fork} at the Bute; name of father: James Abrahams {Abraham}; maiden name of mother: Martha Phelps

6. Mary Bridger Boyd; born 7 Sept 61; Where: Fort Bridger; name of father: Jos. Boyd; maiden name of mother: Helen Burnett; Remarks: The Father is in Philadelphia not in the Church.



1. Ann Kipling; age 52; country: England; Date and Place of Death: 9 July 1861, Big Pappio; {Big Pappea} Nature of Disease: Sun stroke, and extreme grief;


2. Emily Hill; age 6 months; Country: England; Date and Place of Death: 12 July 1861, 13 miles East of Freemont; {Fremont, Nebraska} Nature of Disease: Fever; Maiden Name of Mother: Emily Hill; Remarks: Not married

3. Daniel Collard; age 20; Country: England; Date and Place of Death: 20 July 1861, 15 miles East of Wood River; Nature of Disease: Diarrhea; Name of Father: Daniel Collard; Maiden Name of Mother: Mary Heal

4. Mary Eliza Marsden; age 13 months; Country: America; Date and Place of Death: 4 Aug. 1861, near Ash Hollow; Nature of Disease: Sun Stroke; Name of Father: J{ames} Marsden; Maiden Name of Mother: Ann Eliza Calidane {Calodine}

5. Sarah Jane Backhouse; age 5 months, 8 days; Country: England; Date and Place of Death: 16 Aug. 1861, 70 miles West of Laramie; Nature of Disease: Diarrhea; Name of Father: James Backhouse; Maiden Name of Mother: Jane Williams

6. Frances Ann Reed; age 6; Country: London England; Date and Place of Death: 20 Aug 1861, 15 miles East of the Upper Platte Bridge; Nature of Disease: Typhus Fever; Name of Father: John Reed; Maiden Name of Mother: Frances Farnes

7. John Grayson; age 24; Country: England; Date and Place of Death: 29 Aug 1861, at the Base of the South Pass, on the Sweet Water; Nature of Disease: Diarrhea; Name of Father: John Grayson; Remarks: Deceased was Subject to Fits before he left England from Rooterham {Rotherham} in Yorkshire England

8. J{ames}. Horrox; age 1 year 7 months; Country: England; Date and Place of Death: 6 Sept 61, at the trail taken on Smiths Fork; Nature of Disease: Rickets; Name of Father Js Horrox; Maiden Name of Mother: Catherine Taft

9. Ann M Amsbury; age 52; Country: America; Date and Place of Death: 10 Sept 61, Mailers Station Chalk Creek Kanyon; Nature of Disease: Dropsy or Consumption; Name of Father: Moses Dodge; Maiden Name of Mother: Nancy Maria Payne

10. Howard R Conk; age 13 months 12 d; Country: America; Date and Place of Death: 12 Sept 61; Nature of Disease: Canker; Name of Father: John H{enry}. Conk; Maiden Name of Mother: Lucy A{nn} Bennett; Remarks: Buried Parley Park