Transcript for Ivie, Martha Ann Memmott, Autobiographical sketch, in Stella H. Day, comp., Builders of Early Millard: Biographies of Pioneers of Millard County, 1850 to 1875 [1979], 380

As soon as preparations could be made we started for Utah. The trip was very difficult for mother. We had traveled only a short time when my brother John Alma who was 2 1/2 year old contracted cholera and died June 23rd and was buried at what was then called Mormon Grove. Then just 27 days later my baby sister, Anna Laura died of the same disease, on June 23rd and was also buried at Mormon Grove. It was with heavy hearts that we left this place and continued our trek across the plains. My sister Sarah and I walked most of the way. Mother became so weak through sickness and the great sorrow at the death of her two babies that she and my brother Tom had to ride. Often we became very frightened, sometimes it was a herd of buffalo, other times it was the fear of Indians and often the chilling howl of the coyote at night. We reached Salt Lake City in the fall of 1855.