Transcript for Jacob Hamblin papers, 1850-1877, Autobiography and journal, 1850 June-1854 April, 1870 April

I Started for the vally of the great Salt Lake[.] I had nine in family[.] the Second of June we war [were] organedise [organized] with the Saints that ware the[n] redy to to cros the plaines by Elder Orsen Hide [Orson Hyde.] this company cansisted of one hundred wagons with from three to nine pursones [persons] to a wagon

I c[r]osed the Missourie [Missouri] River with my family the 8th of June

10th [.] we ware visited by the Chiefs of the Oto [Ottawa] tribe of Indians[.] with thare interpeter they demanded ten cents a wagon f[o]r the privilige of pasing through thare teritory

11th travailed ten miles[.] campt and finished organiseing the company

12th went about 13 or 14 miles[.] wood and water plenty

13th travailed 17 miles[.] butiful preitie[prairie] Country

14th 18 miles[.] crosed Salt Creek[.] Campt in the Pawnee teritory[.] 15 trav traval some twenty miles[.] wood and water Scars [scarce.] Stood gard

15th travaild ten miles[.] Brothr John Shipley d[i]ed with the colery [colera] and willes [Willis] Johnson and some two or three others[.] this was in truly a mournfull Scene to See women mourning for thare Husbands and Childrin for thare Fathers[.] but we ware obliege [obliged] to leav them on the plaines burying them as desent [decent] as we could

16th travald Some eight or ten mile[.] Campd to rest our teames

17th travild eightten miles[.] no no wood[.] level Cuntry[.] poor water

18th fourteen miles[.] Br thomas kerk [Kirk] died of Colery betwen elevn and twelve o and twelve o clock atnight[.] rain

19th travaild Sixteen miles[.] Sevrel atacted [attacked] with the Colery

1920th 15 miles[.] the Company was devided in to four divisions[.] Capt Evrits [Elijah Averett] and martha Meacham was violant attacted with the colery and ware held [healed] by the blessing of good god

21 19 miles[.] pased throu old Purntown[.] no wood

22 t[raveled] 15 miles[.] Stood gard

23 t[raveled] Eight miles[.] laid by[.] Widow loron mared [married] to my father [Isaiah Hamblin] by Capt [Isaac] Hill

24th Eight miles[.] Abel [Morgan] Aarjent [Sargent] and Son [Thomas Sargent] died of Colery[.] 2 Childrin died also[.] Sevral taken Sick tain

25th 9 miles

Capt Johnson cold [called] a meting[.] it was agreed that Bro hunt Should chose two from the Company to offer Prayr to god for the wellfaire of the Saints

25th 9 miles[.] mud and rain

26th 15 miles[.] mud and rain[.] I was sick my Self[.] pain in my side

27th my Wife violantly attcted [attacked] with the Colery about three oclock in the moring[.] I prayd for hur [her] and anointed hur in the name of the Lord[.] Coled [Called] on Brs. [George] Pectal and [Isaac] Hill She was relieved immediately[.] met the mail from the Salt Lake vally[.] Capt Johnson Wife died of colery[.] Daniel Hunts W Wife died of Colery[.] travaild fourteen miles through mud and water[.] campt within th[r]ee miles of Ft Chiles

28th travaild 9 miles past Ft Chiles[.] saw Lucinda the Mother of my Chidrin[.] She was the Same old Six pense [pence] as She said[.] Br Fora Fords Child died

29th 7 miles[.] I was attacted with the Colery[.] it it was rebuked under the hands of my Father & Br [George] Pictel [Pectol]

30th 9 miles[.] I found my Self under the attacted with a burning feaver when the Company S[t]opt[.] I was baptised by B[r]other Johnson[.] the feaver was rebuked[.] we (bairely) had aneething [anything.] Childrin war Baptisd[.] Duane Hamblin was Baptised into the Church[,] My oldest Son[,] by El[d]er Daniel Hunt and confirmed by Elisha [Elijah] Evrits [Averett]

July 1t Capt Hills Wife [Eliza] died[.] one of Capt Johnsons family died[.] travaild 20 miles

2t 20 mile[.] I was Still Sick with the feaver[.] treavild 21 miles

3d 17 the miles[.] wagon run over Duane[.] when I looked out and saw him the blood was runing out of his mouth[.] at first I gave him up for lost[.] my Father with two others administerd to him him[.] he was im immediately heeled

4th 18 miles

5th 12 miles[.] helth increasing

April 10


April 10th 1851


o[w]ing to my Sickness on the journey and many other incon[v]eniences I hav not writeen any untill now[.] from the 5th of July untill now nothing of importance too[k] plase [place] Save my fe arival in too the Citty of the Great Salt Lake and location of my Selfe and family in Toela [Tooele] Settlement[.] we arived in the Citty the 6th of Sept