Transcript for Jacob Peart diary, 1847-1872, 33

Saturday afternoon, May 20th / 1848 started from Winter quarters for the Great Salt Lake City in the Rockey [Rocky] Mountains[.] when we had Drove about 1 ½ miles there came up a tremendious thunder Storm[.] it was here we met with Bro. Neighbaur [Neibaur.] his wagon tongue (I E false tongue) Split open in going up the steep Bank. the wagon run back[,] tiped over[,] Broke one wheel all the bough some of the Bed &c[.] he was going Back after assistance[.] we came up the Bank and camped for the night

Sunday afternoon moved on 4 miles to the Camp 6 miles from Winter Quarters[.] here we had another storm. Thunder Lightning & rain in abundance

Tuesday morning very wet and cold and[.] Yester day my Boy George Alma [Peart] went of[f] with Bro Major’s little Boy[.] George was 4 year old and Major’s boy 3[.] they lost themselves[.] was gone 2 or 3 miles & was taken up by some of the Brethren. I met them Bringing them home[.] they were on the wild pra[i]rie amidst exposed to Indians & Wolves which are all the time traverseing these praries[.] <Here> the care of our great Father was again manifested to me and I feal to give glory & honour to his holy Name –

We next moved on to the Japion on the road met with a Brother who had Broken down[.] I stoped & and helped him put him in an axeltree and rolled on[.] next day we were joined by Bro. Bullock[.] Staid one day and came on to the Horn on the 29th

Sunday 28th rested[.] I was verry sick all day[.] has been sick since we started from Winter quarters

Monday 29 I feel some better in my head[.] am pretty sick all the while[.] helped to fix bridge. raft over the Horn [Elk Horn] the day is fine[.] twas cool and pleasant in the morning—28 <miles>

Thursday June 1st 1848 Lorenso [Lorenzo] Snow with a company of 100 started from the Horn yesterday afternoon[.] Susan Miller & Martha Rial (Bro <J> Kay’s women) went out to gather goose berries got lost in the woods[.] was out all night[.] se[a]rch was made but the[y] could not be found untill next morning about 10 oclock[.] I have been verry sick takeing cold in my head which affectet my ear teeth and neck clear down one side[.] my pain was verry siverre and caused me much misery

June 2nd 2 companys more start to day for the Plat[te]. we are herding our cattle on the west of the Horn[.] Bro [Heber C.] Kimble [Kimball] came up last night[.] I am better this morning[.] rested pretty well last night[.] the weather is pleasant and Happiness seems to spread thro the whole Camp. every person attending to their own buisiness

June 5th Started from the Horn—18 miles

Thursday June 8th We arived at Shell creek last night. It commen<ced> raining all night and this forenoon[.] we intend to take up our line of march in the morning[.] Jacob got a fish for supper[.] 12 ¾ [miles]

Do. [Ditto] 12th Monday this morning I found the dog laying under the waggon[.] he had been shot in the night but not dead was suffering verry severely[.] had to drive buck[,] he was verry lame (was foundered) with going in to the river on Saturday when he was verry hot[.] I unyoked him and his mate & before the other cattle was unyoked he was missing[.] serch was immediately made found in 15 or 20 minutes in the river (Horn <:Looking Glass> River) when he came out was verry lame[.] (foundered) had a Cow to put in his place[.] traveled to Plumb Creek

13 th June Tuesday left Plumb [Plum] Creek and when we arived at Ceder [Cedar] river Speck had a calf and in an hour we crossed the river and came on to the old pawnee <station> Village camped for the night[.] exelent feed for Cattle

14 th Came on to Loup fork[.] Cattle well <tired> out.

15 th crossed the river in about 3 hours[.] the whole Company gotten crosed over.

Friday 16th herd from B H.C. Kimble’s Co. they had a fight with the Indians at the Horn[.] 2 of the Brethren wounded. H[oward]. Egan & Bro. Ricks[.] 3 Indians killed[.] some wounded last night[.] a dredfull Thunder storm. I have been herding to day[.] H.C. Kimble is just come up to the river on the East Bank. a Thunder storm came up this Evening heavy wind and rain continued till after night[.] Buck continues lame

June 17 th Saturday Morning, the air is cool the sun is riseing pretty and all is calm after the storm[.] we sent over our teems over the river after B. Heber’s waggons and brought them over in a few hours[.] in the afternoon I went out with the Herd in B. Allen place and he Allen went a hunting[.] in the evening had another Storm

18 th I went out with the herd. preaching in camp. talked some of starting out for the Platt[e.] day fine[.] 1 thunder shower.

June 19 th Started early this morning for the plat[te] or Wood river[.] oweing to the rain the Road was verry soft and bad untill we got on the bluffs[.] after this it was heavy and Sandy[.] several teems tired out[.] rested several times when about half way[.] stoped to feed and then went on untill we had got over the bluffs[.] it was after night and we camped (our ten) camps all over the bluffs and bottoms. came on to Wood river[.] Watered cattle and rested a short time[.] we then started on

Sat. 24th June this morning we crossed <dry &> Elm Creeks[.] are now on the the West side[.] have beautifull roads, since crossing the bluffs from loup fork[.] Jacob cat<c>hed us some fish in a slew[.] good feed for cattle[.] expecting buffelo every day[.] it seems the Indians have driven them of[f]

Sunday 25 Drove on to the River where we got wood & water[.] on ariveing (haveing drove past all the other camps) I took of[f] 1 waggon Wheel[.] put in 2 spokes and prepared to have the tyer set[.] Robert helped to burn a coal pit. had meeting

Monday 26 th we are resting and waiting for bro. Kimble’s [Kimball’s] camp to come on[.] agreed to wait for him[.] (weather fine) Jacob got some fish. (No Buffleo yet) –

Wednesday 28th Bro. Kimbles Camp came on yesterday[.] got tyers set at night[.] I went on guard. trumpet blew Drum beat for some lost men Who had been a hunting[.] are now about to start on our journey

July 1st 1848 Saturday Morning weather is pleasant[.] we are camping on the cold Springs. this spring is <Has> a fountain about 2 feet wide and boils up a considerable h[e]ight[.] is clear and cold makes quite a stream[.] a great many Buffles has been killed but few brought in to camp[.] a great waste of life[.] Bro Snow is on ahead[.] Bro Kimble is behind[.] the roads has been good except 2 or 3 sandy Bluffs[.] we are all well and so is the cattle[.] we have had no accident for which I thank God. with my whole heart and pray that his mayblessing may be continued

Do. 5 th the weather is verry warm and some sickly. I have been verry sick myself passed over a sandy Bluff yesterday and expect to pass 2 more to day[.] feed verry poor till last night when we came to good grass mostly Buffelo grass[.] camped on the river ½ mile from the <Sandy> Bluffs[.] yesterday passed a herd of Bufflo

6 th 3 bufflo brought to Camp 1 was shot by our Co <on the road> but Some of the brethren haveing light Loads took of[f] teem enough to drag it right along in to camp but we saw it no more

July 7 th Friday. crossed [blank space] Creek 20 feet wide and the Sandy bluffs[.] had to double teems[.] it was hard dragging for our teems[.] we camped on the creek west of the bluff[.] I went with Jacob into the river and washed of[f] and was refreshed. we were all well tired out, the leading Captains rushed on ahead (haveing light Loads) and left us to get along as we could. had some confusion about coralling some being late comeing in.

Sunday 9th we are camped oposite Ash hollow[.] have seen no buffelo for 2 or 3 days[.] here we met with a company of 6 waggons <part of them> from the valley[.] I suppose on the Back track (one Indian trader) they say the wheat crops looks well, beens [beans] killed with frost. traveled yesterday[.] verry comfortable – Snows Camp ¾ of a mile on ahead[.] Kimbles at <the> lone tree[.] the weather is verry warm and dry[.] the Camp enjoy good health[.] expect to meet the teems from the valley this week[.] preaching this evening at 5 oclock

Thursday 13th yesterday met the teems from the valey, <they> bring good news, crops look well, health good, today we rest & fix up waggons[.] Bro. Young aranges for them that go back[.] met with a number of S[i]oux[.] some tradeing done[.] have just sent our teems back for Bro Kimble[.] meeting to night at 5 P.M. Bro Thomas is going Back to Winter quarters[.] the cattle is all pretty well.) God hath greatly blest me on this journey –

Sunday 16 th the camp dividing the morning in 50 Brighams & Hebers[.] we are oposite to Chimney rock[.] its shape is like this [drawing on journal paper indicating it is 250 feet from the base to the top] 55 miles East of Larime [Laramie.] we are all well and our cattle

18 th at last started to day for the valey[.] expect to go in 20 days [.] 3 men on horses and 1 pack animal[.] Camped this night 7 mile west of of Scot[t]s Bluffs

Fri 21 st crossed the platt[e] 14 miles below Fort John on Ft. Larrima [Laramie.] we are now on the South <of Larima>[.] [.do] all in good health[.] our Cattle have stood the Journey with health to this place

Thursday 27 th We are in the Black hills near dead timber creek[.] good land and water & timber. (had no feed[.] yoked my oxen morning) We are all well and our Cattle also the Camp in general. Heber caught up with us yesterday today we went on 3 miles miles fed our teems[.] picked currents

28 camped on Horse Creek[.] Thousands of currants & Goose bieries [berries] pretty ripe[.] pretty good feed

29 Had a Terrible Hail Storm last night[.] turned out at 2 oclock P.M.

Aug 7th Last night we came up to the ferry on the N Fork opposite[.] was after night when we got there owing to a mistake[.] Yesterday morning being Sunday it was proposed by Bro Bullock to cross over the river as some of the emigrants had crossed here least season[.] We agreed to it and took our teems over and through a bed of sand[.] My cattle haveing strayed of[f] had not yet come up[.] father [Isaac] Morley called me to bring on my waggon and first a yoke of cattle to help me[.] I hitched on and I brought my waggon over and went after the others as I came with it[.] Met the captain he was verry [] about me useing his cattle.

Thursday 10th we drove past willow springs and in comeing up the bank to prospect hill we got behind the other teem near 1 mile[.] My <old> cattle is getting poor for want of feed[.] yesterday Loisa fell under the waggon both wheels went over her she is able to walk some today[.] yesterday Bro Bullock lost one of his cattle[,] stayed to hunt after him and the captain stayed with him[.] got up to camp at 10 oclock p.m. we had just a view of the Devils gate and we stopped for dinner