Transcript for James Albert Jones and Dorothy Heidel Mansfield, Some Early Pioneers of Huntington, Utah and Surrounding Area (1980), 78-79

[Warren Foote]

11 June 1850. We traveled in company with 3 other families to the place where the company was to organize. It was 18 miles below Kanesville and we arrived on the 21st. Elder Orson Hyde proceeded to organize a company of 100. He nominated me to be captain, with Otis L. [Lysander] Terry and William [Madison Wall] captains of 50. The company started from the Missouri River 17 June 1850.

After a wearysome journey of 101 days, we arrived in Salt Lake City, 26 Sept 1850. There were about 20 deaths in the company, most of them caused by cholera, in the beginning of the journey.