Transcript for James M. Fisher autobiography, 1906

My father and others went down into Mosuri [Missouri] to find work and send what he earned up to us[.] the next spring we moved down to Weston[.] we lived there three years before we made a fitout to go to the valley[.] we started on the twentyeth of May 1850 and arrived the 20th of August[.] we had a very nice trip across the plains[.] very little sickness and no deaths. That year hundreds of people went to California to hunt for gold[.] a great many died with the colery [cholera.] we would pass fresh graves every day[.] the road was strewn with bed cloths. I will mention a prophasy of joseph Smith the prophet[.] he prophesied that the mosuri mobocrats bones would bleach upon the plains[.] we saw many graves where the wolves had draged the bodies out[.] they stunk allong the road, we heard that they were from mossuri