Transcript for James Pace, Diary, 1846 July-1847 October, 53-66

Weddensday 25th was a rest day The Pionears [Pioneers] went on to the Fort to get the chance of a shop to shoe horses

Thursday 26th we proceded on our way to see whare the Pionears ware encamped on the Americane Fork near Sutters making a travell of 20 miles

Friday 27th weather warm & had mutch the appearance of Rain This morning Four Tens left for home. Journed for the Mountains. Brother Averett with the Pionears Bro [Levi] Savage Bro [Luther] Tuttle & Curtice we travled a distance of 18 miles encamped in a scierce [scarce] place of feed & water.

Saturday 28th we left camp early travled to the River at the foot of the Mountains near Mr Johnstones A lite rain fell

Sunday 29th The morning Cule [cool.] we left camp early, travled 18 miles up in the Mountains encamped at a cold spring at the left of the Road—

Monday 30th warm & rain like travled a distance of 15 Miles[.] had a good camping place & no important transactions.

Tuseday 31st weather cule journed over Sum greait Mountains[.] travled a distance of 15 miles[.] encamped in the Pine woods at a Cold [Cove] on the right of the road.

Weddensday 1st day of September clouday & a good day for travling[.] our days travel a distance of 10 Miles[.] incamped in little Bare [Bear] River vally whare we had good grasing & water plenty & plenty of Huccleberrys [huckleberries] on the mountains which serve us first rate pastime while we was at laguna.

Thursday 2nd cleare & pleasant tis day we rested our animels & washed our close [clothes.] in the afternoon a small shower of rain[.] considerable Thunder

Friday 3rd weather good & plesant[.] This morning we left the vally[.] travled over the Mountains a distance of 15 Miles[.] encamped on a small River in the midst of the Mountains[.] grasing was good.

Saturday 4th weather cleare & cule[.] we left camp early[.] continued our journy over the Mountains past a number of Lakes[.] travled a distance of 12 Miles[.] encamped at a cold spring on the road side at the foot of a Mountain[,] a small plain south & then a Lake of considerable[.] Size first rate grazing.

Sunday 5th weather clear & frosty[.] we journed early crost the main ridge or Backbone of the Calaforna [California] Mountain[.] travled a distance of 20 Miles past the Shantys whare <the> Emigrants perished the winter before[.] we camped in a vally 1 Mile below Sum Shantys whar a Mans body lay on the top of the ground uninterupted[.] This vally we named Counsel vally because here we receved Councel from the Twelve

Monday 6th weather cleare & frosty[.] This morning we persued our Journy[.] travled about 2 Miles & meet Brother S Branon[.] we learned from him that Capt Brown was close behind him & that he had letters & an Epistle from the Twelve to us[.] we returned back to the vally from whence we had started & we encamped to awate the arrival of Cap Brown & also a part of air which was in the rear[.] we sent two Men to meet the Capt & one back to Levi & Lytte[.] here we patiently awa[i]ted the arrival of boath partys as we hoped to hear good word from our friends & brethren & those that we had so long been absent from

Tuseday 7th weather cleare & frosty[.] The captain reached our camp about 10 oclk[.] He Soon unfolded his pac[k]age of letters which we earnestly received untill the most of us ware silently parousing for ourselves. the contentes of the presant favered to us by our friends. At a proper time a set the attention was cald to hear the Epistle from the Twelve which was chearing [cheering] nuse [news] to us[.] The spirit of the Epistle was bore testamony to us from whince it came & that not withstanding the hardships we had undergon attended with all the privations that could be expected from sutch a trip[.] They had not forgotten us, neither had they slacked there hands But with all diligence sought a location for the Saints. No moore to be thrown down[.] we hartily congratulated them in there success & in the work they had accomplished[.] Being satisfied that we had born an humble part & that it was a prevaleage even to become a scape goat in time of Trouble. Bro. Levi [Hancock] & Lytle came in just at nite we had qui[e] a time of rejoising altho we had to mo[u]rn the death of Brother Henry Hoit [Hoyt.] he was behind with Lytle[.] he died vary sud[d]en[.] he road on his horse untill a few Minuts before he died[.] here our sercumstances compeld sum of the boys to return back to the Settlements as they ware not prepaird to stop at the vally nor able to get to the States.

Weddensday 8th cule & frosty this morning we parted[.] a number returned back to the settlements to work all winter[.] we travled a distance of 15 miles encamped on a small Creek[.] here we had another devision[.] a number of was only intending going to the vally as they expected to meet there Famulys thare & it would be betere for them to travel slo[,] while those intending going through to the States was anxious to get along as far as posable. The situation & wish of all was enquiard into & all oranged [arranged] for a ceparation in the morning all retiard to rest in peace & in good feelings

Thursday 9th The morning pleasant[.] we parted according to our expetations[.] a Company of near fifty set of[f] for the Bluffs & Twenty odd concluded the journy slow to the vally[.] we travled a distance of 20 Miles[.] camped on the butifulist camping ground I ever saw in all my travell

Friday 10th we journed early[.] travled down the Trucky [Truckee] River shuning every crossing we could as it was vary bad crossing sum of the fords[;] however we suceeded in reaching the last Crossing of the River[.] encamped[.] had good grazing[.] Bro Levi & Lytle failed to <get in> camp for no cause[.] only Lytle was not disposed to dose[.] Consequently they had to shear the fate of there own folly[.] the next morning two of there animels were gon which would have paid them well to have travled 2 Miles further but sumtimes men get there pay down & it is all right[.] we travled only a distance of 20 Miles.

Saturday 11th This morning sum of the crowd ware for going ahead & sum for waiting for Levi & Lytle[.] I proposed for them to go a head as we had travled but two days since we had rested & I would watce [watch] & see what had become of them[.] I done so about "9" ock they came up reported there misfortuns & show Lytle sho[w]ed dissattissfaction because we had left but I thought he had shered his reward for what he had done & if he thought he had not he was welcome to remane behind untill he was & so I left him we travled a distance of 40 Miles[.] encamped at the Sink of Marys River[.] here we had but little grass & the water was bitter

Sunday 12th the morning rainy this day we travled 25 Miles[.] encamped at a Slew [slough] whare we had a vary little grass[.] the water was tolerable good

Monday 13th cleare & cool[.] This day we travled a distance of 20 Miles & encamped on Marys River. grazing, vary pooar. Sciercely any dependance at all but the best we could do as the emigration had taken the grass

Tuseday 14th weather cule[.] travled a distance of 14 Miles[.] encamped at the first good grazing on the River[.] Lytles company was yet behind

Weddensday 15th weather cule[.] we travled this day 30 Miles[.] encamped on the River[.] we had good grazing for the animels.

Thursday 16th weather cule[.] we left camp early had a good road[.] travled a distance of 25 Miles[.] encamped in good grasing on the River bank

Friday 17th weather good[.] journed as usual had a good road[.] travled a distance of 25 Miles[.] camped a gain on the River in a kind of a horsshew [horseshoe] bend

Saturday 18th weather good[.] journed as usual[.] travled a bout 28 Miles[.] encamped on the River[.] here we lost two horses stolen by the Indians or left camp on there own hoof.

Sunday 19th The morning warm[.] travled this day a bout 25 miles[.] camped on the River[.] we had good & a plesant camping ground.

Monday 20th The morning clear[.] we left camp at 7 ock[.] traveled 10 Miles & overtook our Fathers[.] we past them a bout one Mile[.] encamped a bout 12 olk. our Fathers did not visit us except one or two of there company.

Tuseday 21st weather good[.] travled 22 Miles[.] encamped a gain on the River Just a bove a large settlement of the Root Diging Indians & near whare Stoedom was attacked by them

Weddensday 22nd weather clear & cule[.] travled 20 Miles[.] camped on the River[.] had good grasing here[.] we lost one Horse either stolen or runaway[.] the Horse belonged to Lt. Omans

Thursday 23rd The morning vary frosty & cleare[.] this day we travled 20 Miles[.] encamped on the River had a butifull Camping ground.

Friday 24th weather good this day[.] we Journed early[.] travled a distance of 15 Miles[.] camped a gain on the River

Saturday 25th travled a distance of 18 Miles[.] encamped at what is cald the welts

Sunday 26th weather pleasant[.] travled this day a distance of 30 Miles[.] encamped at the Hot Springs & a good cule branch runing flushly through that little vally which had a butifull apperance

Monday 27th This day we Rested & sent Brother Hyde & Tutters Company a heaid to precure sum bacon at Fort Hall[.] Bro Levi [Hancock] & Lylte caught up with us here.

Tuseday 28th The morning cule[.] travled this day a distance of 25 Miles[.] camped at a butifull spring. at this camp Joseph White Lost a hors stolen by the Indians.

Weddensday 29th weather good[.] travled 22 Miles[.] encamped on Goose Creek[.] here we had good grasing

Thursday 30th The morning clear[.] travled down Goose Creek to whare the Road left it & a bout 8 Miles further making a distance of 20 Miles[.] encamped in a Canion [canyon] whare we had but little for the Mules to eate.

Oct Friday 1st weather warm[.] travled over a Mountainous road a distance of 20 Miles[.] encamped at sum hot springs at the foot of a Mountain good grasing—

Saturday 2nd weather warm[.] travled a distance of 30 Miles[.] encamped on a streem cald Cass Creek

Sunday 3rd weather modrate[.] travled down the Creek to where the Oregon Road Crost & encamped making a travell of 15 Miles[.] here we had a bad chance for grasing in consequence of so many Emigrants passing—

Monday 4th The morning cule[.] travled a distance of 18 Miles[.] encamped snake River[,] a butifull streeme a tributary of the greait Collumbia which emtys in to the Pacific.

Tuseday 5th The morning winday[.] travled a distance of 15 Miles[.] encamped a gain on the River.

Weddensday 6th Rainy looking weather[.] This day we reached Fort Hall making a travel of 14 Miles[.] Camped at sum springs near the Fort Just at dark[.] a lite shower of rain fell

Thursday 7th This day we left the Fort[.] travled a part of our Company Continued on the road to Fort Bridger but the largest number turned South bound for the Great Salt Lake City[.] we journed successfully day after day untill we reached the promised Land