Transcript for Jameson family collection, 1825-1938, Elisha Torrey[?], letter, Indian Territory, 16 June 1850, to Charles Jameson, Kanesville, Pottawattamie, Iowa

Indian Territory

June the 16th 1850

Dear Brother Jameson[,] I wish to drop a line to you that perhaps may not be pleasant to [you] nethertheless is it is truth[.]  Mary (your wife) was taken with Cholera night before Last about eleven  oclock and died before nine yesterday[.]  we berried her in the best possibile manner for the circumstances[.]  the children is yet with us and doing well[.]  we have burried five since yesterday morning[:] [John] Shipley[,] Redfield’s child [Adelaide,] Charlotte Thornton[,] Willis Johnson[,] the Bishops son.  Elick [Alexander Jameson] wishe me to say to you that he has all his team yet except the cow that you got of Garner—he lost just above bethlehem citty[.]  Ac wishes you to get her and he wishes you to send a letter to them the first chance[.]   when you come out you will find the grave close to the road on the right hand Some 8 or 10 miles this side Salt creek about 10 miles from Kanesvill[e.]  The whole camp had good health till the evening we crossed Salt creek[.]  There seems to be no fatal case at present in the camp[.]  Charlotte Thornton was taken this morning little before day light and died about 9 this morning[.]

Elick says won that he does not know now that he does not know that he can come back now but wishes you to come out this season if you can[,] but if not come in the spring early and he will meet you if possible[.] 

nomore[.]  Yours with Respect

Elisha Jones