Transcript for Jane G. Bradford autobiography, 1893, 3

In the spring we gathered what was left of our stock and got ready to start our long journey across the plains. We started sometime in June came to the Elkhorn there they organized in companys of one hundreds fiftys and tens We were in Bishop Hunter's hundred. Joseph Hornes fifty and uncle Archie's [Gardner] ten. Later in [Thomas] Orr's ten of course it is in history our travels across the plains and I need write very little about it. Of course we saw millions of Buffalos the hills and vales were black with them and we saw also lots of Indians but they did not try to hurt us they were quite friendly. Father found a fawn at Elk Horn we fed it milk and bro[ugh]t it here to the valley with us. It grew to be quite a deer. We lost it on our way to the Weber and never found it again, we were sorry to loose it. It was such a pet. Father killed a young Buffalo and devided with his friends. He was the first in the company to kill a Buffalo. There were others killed later on.

We got to the Val[l]ey about the first of October 1847, camped on what is now called Pioneer Square.