Transcript for "Henry H. Jeager, reminiscences," 1-3.

Captain Daniel Robinson Hand-card company left Florence Nebraska in June 1860 on their way to cross the plains or great American Desert to Reach Salt Lake city their destination which they Reached on August 27th 1860, after pasing through A hostile and throus Indian country Beset by many dangers. after leaving Florence we in due course of time Reached A place whare we hat to cross A River the name of which I do not remember. thare was Aso A city thare. the city consisted of three Log-Houses with A high fence[.] After looking about to see the city could not See any and After Inquiring from a Man thare, he pointed to the three Log Houses Inside the fence. the Houses ware only A trifol higher than the fence that was the first Real Western city I Seen & we ware called by A Government Agent and warned by him not to Sell or give away to the Indians any Guns or Amunition or other wepons on pain of A Heavy fine. when in camp at Some place near Indians we ware vissited by A Brave Indian bringing with him A fine young Horse. with A long Laryett and wanted to trade the Horse for one of our Girls, and after an inspection he choosed Mary Ann Young, A fine and, beautiful English Girl. her Father to whom the Indian was Speaking Asked. will you go Mary. in A Joking way Mary was not willing to go. I standing near by it was my turn to say Something and Steping close up to the Girl, and looking Serious made Sign to the Indian that She was mine. and he made no further claim and took the Rope of the Horse and turned him loose[.] in our travels we kept close company with the large merchant train of K. and L. meaning Kimball and Lorance. Some times they ware ahead and then we would pass them[.] for A long time we ware close together[.] I do not know weather the merchant train Reached city first or us

The cheyanne [Cheyenne] Indians were Kindly disposed and good friends to us. at one time we hat as I guest in camp and all night the chief of that tribe of Indians. but to guard against treachery we kept A Strong guard and A Sharp lookout[,] nothing unusial happened. when we came to part the Indians followed us for A long way then Bid us goodBy. at one time two men hat A dispute about A Rabid they cought Each claimed it and Both hat hold of it and near tore it to pieces officers of company Settled it

I do not know how the case ented. Albert Gunn was one of the men. at another time two men had A Serious dispute the natue of which I do not know. However the principle one was an English Soldier or had been one. he was armed with A long Sword and was considered dangerous. Our captain Daniel Robinson ordered his arest. and Sent two Strong men to bring him in which they did and placed on trial. he was found guilty by the officers of the company and ordered to be disarmed his Sword was taken from him and he was to have no weppons of any Kind his Sword was to be given him again when we get to Salt Lake City.

When not far from A fort I think Bridger while camped in A circle A party of Horsemen came into our camp and forced them-Selfs into the cyrcle which was forbiden by our Rules. after protests ware made by our officers[,] A near Serious Riot occurred[.] the mob threatened to kill our captain and other officers[.] the camp was Immeadly in uproar as the men of our company at once Rushed to their guns and posted all over camp and Barricated behind our waggons and other places. it So happend I was not thare at first outbreak but came up before it was Settled[.] I immeadly looked for my gun but could not find it and walked further on found Mr. [Thomas] Green with my trusty Rifel in Hand posted Behind the wheele of A waggon with A Heavy lode in the gun. in Short their object was to see the Mormon Women, and See what could be done their intention was an Evel one their design failed[,] we ware fully prepaired to protect ourselfs. While in camp near A River, while the cattle went to drink thay took the notion to cross over to the other Side[.] the River was Swollen and the water muddy with A Strong undercurrent and dangerous to Swim. we ware in A Bad Situation the cattle ware going off on the other Side and we in great danger of loosing them. in that case we would not be able to continue our Journey[.] we could not have carried our ProviSions and tents and other things and also those who ware not able to walk and Sick. the captain and other officers Searched camp for good Swimmers. thay ware meted at once three men offered to go and one was mySelf the other one was Albert Gunn the name of the other man I do not Remember. in Short we crossed the River in Safety and after A Hart fight Suceeted in Heading of the cattle and Bring them Back to the River but we had Some trouble to free them into the water after all three of us we forced one of them in and he crossed over the Ret [rest] followed.

Henry H. Yeager