Transcript for Jenkins, Marian, [Letter], Latter-day Saints' Millennial Star, 24 Jan. 1863, 60

Sister Marian Jenkins writes from Great Salt Lake City to her friends in Cardiff, South Wales:—"I am thankful that I am here and am enjoying good health, notwithstanding the journey has been long and tedious; still, it was rendered pleasant by the company of the vast number of my brethren and sisters, from various parts of the earth, who were journeying with the same great object in view which prompted me to gather with the Saints. Guided and directed by the Spirit and influence of the Almighty, we felt well while traversing the mighty deep and passing through the once glorious but now unhappily divided States of America, where contentions, strifes, war and bloodshed, are witnessed on every hand. We travelled over the plains in safety. The scenery is magnificent and grand. Limitless plains stretching away to the verge of the horizon, on which can be gathered fruits of various kinds. Herds of antelope, elk, deer and buffalo may be seen trotting over their green beds of the richest grass. After this comes a more mountainous country; high hills and deep valleys, and ravines seemingly impassable; lofty mountains lift their gigantic peaks towards heaven, which are covered with eternal snow, from which flow down streams of the most delicious water to refresh the weary traveler.

I arrived in safety in the great basin of the Rocky Mountains, where a great number of my old friends and acquaintances greeted me with much kindness."