Transcript for Jensen, Christian Hansen, [Diary], in Mary Afton Allen Harker, The Allen Family [1966], 93-94

I have been called to go back and take supplies to the Saints coming from Missouri and help them on their journey.

Tuesday the 24 July 1866 we traveled 4 miles out from Wyoming to begin our journey home. All is well.

Wednesday the 25 we stayed in camp.

The 26 July we traveled 6 miles. It was unusually hot.

Friday the 27 July we traveled 10 miles from there. One ox died that night. We had good road and weather. All is well.

Saturday the 28 July we remained in camp.

Sunday the 29 we traveled 14 miles. Two children were buried. The road was good as well as the weather which was fairly warm. We camped at night beside a little creek.

Monday the 30 July we traveled 12 miles and camped by Cheese Creek at night. The road was very hilly. The road was hard. The weather was good. All well. We had an ox which broke its right horn. It was late before we camped.