Transcript for Jensen, James, Autobiographical sketch, 1

From there [New York City] we took the railroad to St. Louis, where we took a boat up the Mississippi to Florence, Nebraska. On the railroad trip it was necessary to stop many times, because of the Civil War. They were afraid to run the train because the track might be torn up. We stayed at Florence about three weeks, during which time we got our supplies.

We left, after extensive preparation, in the first independent company that ever crossed from Florence to Salt Lake City. Our expenses were all paid before we left Denmark. Our outfit consisted of a new shutter wagon, two yoke of oxen, and two cows. Besides this, we had a small stove, a sack of sugar, flour, and other eatables. We left Florence in the first part of August 1862. We arrived in Salt Lake Valley in the latter part of September. On the long trek, we saw many buffalo and Indians, but had no trouble with them.