Transcript for Jesse Haven journals, 1852-1892, folders 4-5

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July 19 Feel poorly this morning in the afternoon feel better towards night bro. Tyler gave me out 3 yoke of oxen, {illegible} yoke I buy the orther {other} two yoke{;} bro. {Thomas} Tenent {Tennant} lets me have the use of them to the valley. He is going to furnish me a waggon

July 20th Sunday. Wrote a letter to my wife, also to bro- and Sister Shefford of Alton{,} Illinois, and my sister in the state of at Mass—attended meeting in the afternoon{,} preached a few moments{,} bore my testimoney of Joseph Smith being a Prophet of the Most High. felt well. About dark had notice that my compay must get away as soon as possible.

July 21st Wrote a letter this morning to Sister and Isaac Scott. Done all I could to get my Compny away

July 22nd The weather hot themoneter {thermometer} in the tent stood to 108 between 5 & 6 o’clock P.M. my Company Started went about a mile then camped for the night. I called them together then—gave them some instructions, then returned to the mane {main} camp

July 23rd My company remained where they camped last night. I did what I could to get all things ready

July 24th My company started towards night and went about 2 miles{.} camped for the night

July 25 My company or in other words the 6th company of hand-carts remained to-day where they camped last night{.} In the morning I and a number of the brethren went back to the mane camp to get all things ready for our journey which I succeeded to accomplish to my satisfaction

July 26 went back to the mane camp this morning{,} settled up all things{,}came off and moved the 6th Compny about 3 miles. had some trouble with the cattle most of them being cattle not that had not been worked before—left one wagon{.} the tents were in it{,} sent after it but it came on raining and it was very dark so we could not get it up which left the Saints without tents exposed to the rain

July 27th Sunday. Saints in rather bad perdicament being without tents all their things got wet. Started and came on nearly 3 miles{.} The Saints last night and this morning found much fault{,} grumble much at me about me{,} blamed me becaused the tents were left behind{.} In the evening had a meeting. Bro Toon and I gave the Saints some instruction. I told them if they did not see scese {cease} their groumbling {grumbling} that sickness would get into their midst and they would die off like rotten sheep. but if they would be humble and keep united the blessings of the Lord should attend them.

July 28 Started this morning and came about 3 miles—rode {road} very mudy. Stoped for the night in on in a beautiful place on the brow of the hill.

July 29th Started this morning in good season{,} the day fine traveled about 15 miles. Staints {Saints} came into camp much fatigued.

July 30. This morning at prayers we disfellowshiped Emma Batchelor {Bachelor}, who left us yesterday and went out among the gentiles to tarry there. traveled to-day about 9 miles. Bro. Robert Evans and Sarah White came to me and wished to be excused from going any further because he{,} Robert Evans{,} was out of health{.} I excused them. as we came into camp we broke a yoke. I set two of the brethren to make another.

July 31st Late before we started this morning{,} took quite a while to finish the yoke. traveled about 10 miles{.} In the evening some of the inhabitants came into camp and disturbed us. I invited them to leave. I treated them kindly which rather cooled them down—They left about 11 o’clock


August 1st 1856


This morning I learnt 3 or {5} left the camp last night one woman her child and 3 other children whose mother died since we started on our journey. we traveled 6 miles to-day{.} 2 families talk of leaving wish to get my counsel to do so at last I told one of them he might do as he thought proper and I would not disfellowship him for I had established the rule if any left the camp without counsel they should be disfellowshiped from the Church. Bro. Mose left to-day with his family also Hunter and his family. Saints complain that the provision provided is not sufficient to for them. Some dissatisfaction on the account of it{.} traveled only a few miles to-day{.} the day hot

Aug. 2nd Shower in the morning hindered us from starting out as soon as we intended—traveled nearly 18 miles{.} Saints much fatiged—Some got into camp late. Some did not come in at all.

Aug. 3rd Sunday do not traveled to-day{.} The day hot. Many strangers came round the camp 1 and desires us to have a meeting—but we did not gratify them

Aug. 4th Traveled nearly 20 miles—passed through the town of Newton—bought some flour for those who desired it. I also bought some tallow to put on to the wheels. got into camp late

Aug 5 traveled nearly 6 miles then crossed the ferry on Skunk river—gave 10 cts for each time crossing—there 13 loads that 13 boat loads. The boat crossed 13 times for which I paid $1,30 {$1.30}. Stoped a few hours then came on 5 miles—late when we got into camp

Aug 6th Shower{e}d this morning—hindered us from starting very early—came about 10 miles then sh camped for the night dealt out provisions gave 12 oz of flour to each person dayly. Befor we had given only 10 oz. So many leaving I came to the conclusion that the provision{,} the larese {largesse} that was promised would hold out.

Aug 7 Started this morning about sunrise came 6 miles then took breakfast. Came on and crossed the toll bridge at Fort Demoine {Des Moines} then came on 4 miles and camped{.} traveled to-day 11 16 miles

Aug 8 Traveled to-day nearly 20 miles{,} camped on what is called the North Coon{.} I Took dinner with one of the united brethren wa name Lemon—he treated me kindly

Aug 9th Started early traveled 10 miles then camped on the middle Coon. After I got the camp off this morning{,} I called on Mr Hildreth formerly belong{ed} to the Church—took breakfast with him—he was kind—his wife appeared to have a desire to gathered gather with the Saints{.} Saints traveled badly to-day—much scatered,

Aug 10 Sunday—Last night some came round the camp—made some noise. this morning we were disturbed some by people coming round us—we were insulted by some—were insulted more than we had been since we lef{t} Iowa City—traveled 10 miles—camped out near the South Coon

Aug 11 Camp traveled well to-day. traveled about 16 miles

Aug 12 Good road to-day traveled from 15 to 20 miles

Aug 13 Started early—it soon begun to rain{.} traveled from 5 to 6 miles then camped. Dealt out provision

Aug 14th Started about 6 o’clock—started out the teams first this morning for the first time since we started{.} traveled nearly 18 miles—two hand carts broke to-day. camped about 5 o’clock{.} all got into camp in good Season

Aug 15th Started late for we had to stop to fix the hand-carts broken yesterday{.} traveled 18 miles got in in good season.

Aug 16 Started out about 8 o’clock came on to Silver Creek 14 miles{.} there stoped and got tea{,} then came on 7 miles to Keg Creek and camped for the night

Aug 17 Sunday. Stayed on Keg Creek till 5 o’clock P.M. then hitched up traveled 10 miles to muskete {Mesquite} Creek—got in late nearly 10 o’clock. On Keg Creek on{e} of the Sisters gave birth to a fine little boy.

Aug 18 To-day passed through Bluff City{.} about two miles from Bluff City after we had passed through it{,} one of the teamsters turned over a wagon as he was passing over a small bridge—not much damage done—one old Sister was hurt some no bones broken. today we came on to the Missouri river and camped for the night.

Aug 19 Got ferried over the Missouri to-day on a steam ferry and camped near old Winter old Quarters. I had to pay for ferrying 10 cts for each hand cart—50 cts each for wagons{;} 15 for a horse{;} 5 for a cow{;} 10 for an yoke of oxen excep{t} the one yoke to each wagon which went free

Aug 20th Spent the day in geting ready to pursue our journey. nearly all our hand carts wanted reparing

Aug 21 Spent as yesterday making all things ready to pursue our journer {journey}—dined with bro. Pyper—a merchant in Florence—told the Saints to get ready to start by noon tomorrow

Aug 22 Got all ready to Start. just as I was ready to have the compa pull up their tent poles strike their tents and be read to off on their journey, bro Wheellock {Wheelock} gave me notice to notify the company to tarry till tomorrow{.} Bro {James Bigler} Martin arrive{d} with his company about 3 P.M. all in good Spirits. In the evening bro. Martin’s and my company were called together and both companies were put into one und{er} the presidency of bro—Martin by F{ranklin}. D. Richards

Aug 23 xxx bro—Martin’s company fited up their hand-carts to day. All remained in camp waiting for all to get ready for a start.

Aug 24—Sunday. Meeting to day{.} a number of the brethren spoke. I was appointed P President of the wagon Company. A Sister last night went into the woods with a gentile and spent the night but returned back in the morning to camp and to her husband

Aug 25 That Sister that went into the woods Saturday night was to-day cut off from the Camp and the Church and was not permited to go on with the Camp. I was sent back to see the wagon Company to day—they were back on Silver Creek distance from Florence 30 miles

Aug 26 Traveled with the wagon Company to day{.} Camped on Mi {blank space} Creek. I spent the night with bro Rusten a bro living near the Creek

Aug 27th Traveled on to-day before the met to Florence—and walked out 6 miles to where the hand cart Company were camped—found the Saints glad to see me{.} they regreted much because I was not going with them

Aug 28 Returned to Florence. Found ny {my} team had got over the river fit fited up the wagon &c and took it out 3 miles to where a portion of the wagon Company were camped

Aug 29th Started this morning with the Company. I put on a new wild pair of cattle{;} they run with the wagon but done no damage. Camped on big Pap{p}ea

StartedAug 30 Started a little after sunrise{,} travelled 12 miles to the Elk Horn. ferried over and went on 2½ miles and camped

Aug 30th Sunday. Travelled 25 miles and over took the hand-carts Company. camped on the Platt{e} River.


Aug September 1st, 1856


The Capt. of the company lost a pair of ox oxen so the Camp did not traveled. I started out went 1½ miles then stoped till the next morning

Sept. 2nd Started a little after day break with 6 4 of bro. {Thomas} Tennant’s wagons{.} they camped with me the past night. we travelled 10 miles then stoped for the remainder of the Compay{.} Yesterday morning I got 3 sister{s} out of the hand-cart Com 2 to help bro. Tennant and one to cook &c for me and my two teamsters. We traveled to night till 10 then camped

Sept 3 Started this morning came ten miles to the Loop {Loup} Fork{.} found all that all the hand-cart company had not ferried over—So we were obliged to wait—the boat is also broken and has to be fixed

Sept 4th The Company ferried over to-day—accomplished it quick so that we were ali xxxxx travel on nearly 10 miles—Samuel Bethel who was driving my team turned the wagon over. Sarah Taylor was in it. luckly she was not much injured neither was the wagon broken.

Sept 5th Heavy shower of rain this morning{.} Some hail. started about 10 o’clock traveled till 3 P.M. then Camped—quite cool

Sept 6th The hand-cart com—camped with us to night.

Sept 6 Started out before the hand-cart Com traveled till 11 then had a hard hill to go up—after a sandy road. This morning as we started out of camp we met 4 or 5 hundred Indians.

Sept 7th Sunday traveled till 2 P.M. then Camped

Sept 8 Bro. F{ranklin}. D. Rirchards {Richards} with the Elders that were with him on their way to the valley came up last night about 11 o’clock. I retired at one in the morning. Soon after I retired word came that there was an ox in a hole{.} I got up and worked till day light with the brethren to get him out{.} He fell into a hole where there was once an Indian village

Sept 9th The road has been sandy to-day.

Sept 9th Pleasant this morning—one of my oxen gave out to-day—turned him out before I g got into camp. He was fat{;} the heat overcome him. Small show{er} of rain just at dark

Sept 10 Cooler this morning, traveled well to-day—passed where the Indians had attacked a small train and killed some of them.

Sept 11 Traveled till nearly dark—camped on the Platt{e} river{.} been very dusty to-day

Sept 12th Camped{.} remained in Camp to-day{.} did not travel. opposite to Fort Ke{a}rney I went over to the Fort and traded som{.} Indians doing some depredations in this vicinity

Sept 13 Remained in Camp waiting for the hand-cart Com—so we could go in company with them on the account of the Indians.—they passed us about 3 P.M.

Sept 14 Sunday. Started this morning{.} overtook the hand-cart Com about 2 PM{.} Camped near them at night

Sept 15 Traveled near the hand-cart Compay to-day{.} Camped near them at night

Sept 16 Hindered this morning on account of having a bad place to cross{.} the hand-cart Com Started out first{.} had to wait to till they had crossed{.} traveled on till nearly 1 P.M. then at Camped for fear of not finding water for nearly 20 miles

Sept 17 The Hand-cart Company camped near us last {night}{.} our cattle trouble them some this morning by geting to night their camp{.} bro i {F} Tyler one of the presidents of the Camp found some fault about it. An accident occured this morning in our camp. bro. Tenants carriage wheel was broken n by one of the S Danish teamsters driving his wagon against it—Started out before the hand-cart Compay—Camped a little before sunset{;} hand-cart Com camped near and about ½ mile from us

Sept 18 Started early this morning{,} tho the hand-cart Com got out before us—some difficulty to-day between bro. F. Tyler and bro Hoggetts {Hodgetts} the Cap-of our company occasioned by by our Com passing a few of the hand-carts there being a hand-cart broken and xx one hundred was stoping to fix it. bro Tyler was quite offended. Road Sandy in the afternoon{.} traveled till 5 P.M. came up to the hand-carts for fear of creating feelings if we passed them{.} we camped

Sept 19. Started early this morning road Sandy. the hand-cart Com had camped a head of us—we passed them. road Sandy much of the day. Camped near a good Spring early. Stoped at noon at Skunk Creek

Sept 20 Started early passed Carron {Carrion} Creek commenced raining or rather weting about 2 P.M. traveled till 4 then Camped on the Platt{e}

Sept 21st Sunday Rainy this morning did not travel to-day—hand-cart Com passed us about 3 P.M. Last night the Camp was alarmed by the fireing of a gun. The guard thought they saw an Indian{.} it was a false alarm tl no Indians nigh

Sept 22. Started early this morning passed the hand-Cart Com at noon—crossed North Black Fork Creek. went on 2 miles and camped

Sept 23. Sandy road. Some of the brethren killed a Buffalo in the forenoon{.} we skined it and when i we stopped it was divided out {.} went on to Bluff Creek passed on ¼ mile then camped. One Buffalo was also killed for the hand-Cart Comp.

Sept 24th Road continued Sandy to-day{.} Slow travelling

Sept 25 Traveled till noon then stopped for the day{.} i lightened our loads by throwing away old boxes &c. hand-carts passed us

Sept 26 Started early overtook the hand-Cart Comp they hindered us some—some of their carts broke

Sept 27 Started late cause a woman died belonging to the hand Carts who had been riding in one of our wagons{.} we stoped to burry her{.} hand Carts kept us back{.} they started out before us. traveled till 10½ a m then so stopped to wait for the hand-cart Comp to get up a sandy hill, after waiting 3½ hours we went round the hill by passing throug{h} a part of the Platt{e} River by which means we passed by the hand Carts went on 2 miles and Camped

Sept. 28 Sunday traveled to-day about 16 miles{.} Some of the way a good road

Sept 29 To-day a little before we camped for the night Some of the brethren killed a Buffalo

Sept 30 Crossed over the Platt{e} on to the South side of it. Hand-cart Comp came up just after we crossed and soon crossed over


October 1st 1856


Last night was cold. to-day very hot—Stopped 3 hours at noon. Camped late at night about one mile up the river. Some U.S. troops were camped and 75 apostate Mormons from Salt Lake valley on their way to the States.

Oct—2. Weather warm{.} ever warm for the season and dry. Some a the united States troops passed us to-day noon. The thermometer Stood in the Sun at noon 112½ degrees

Oct—3 Hot to-day. Thermometer stood at noon in the Sun at 112½ degrees. United States troomps {troops} passed us on their way to Laramie {.} passed Chimmey {Chimney} rock to-day

Oct—4 Weather continues hot. passed Scott’s Bluffs. Brother Thom. Tennant died today at 1½ o’clock P.M. He had done much to gather the Saints from England. He was rich as to this worlds goods. done much for the Church

Oct. 5 Sunday. Taking along the body of bro. Tennant, weather still warm.

Oct. 6 Started this morning in Company with bro. {William} Hodgetts and Higings {Higgins} for Fort Laramie taking the ramains of bro. Tennant{.} arrived about dark to a small camp of Saints 1 mile from the Fort.

Oct. 7 Attended to the burrial of bro Tennant burried his remains in the burring {burying} ground at Fort Laramie

Oct—8th The train came up to-day{.} I looked round to see what I could do about buying oxen

Oct. 9th Train moved 5 miles from Fort Laramie. I traided for an a yoke of oxen gave to-day. Some of the rests of the brethren traided for cattle

Oct—10—Went back to the Fort gave my note for the oxen I bought yesterday and some other things I purchased{.} returned to the Camp in the afternoon which had moved on 3 miles. Hand Cart Com

Oct. 11 Camped{.} traveled on to-day{.} Some of the road hilly.

Oct. 12 Sunday—wet this morning remained cool through the day and also cloudy camp came near where the Martin’s hand cart Com{pany} were camped and then camped. Visited the hand-cart Com in the evening in Company with some Sisters

Oct 13 Pleasant weather. Hand-cart Com hinder us some by being a head of us. came past them after they were camped and camped 2 miles beyond them. One of the Sisters Dane Sisters died last night. Sarah Taylor’s uncle died to-day

Oct. 14th Cold last night—pleasant this morning. Crossed the Platt{e} and traveled on the north side to-day.

Oct—15 Weather continues pleasant{.} Elizabeth Taylor from the hand-cart Com came up to us and road rode in my waggon awhile. I was glad I could accomidate her. Crossed the Platt{e} again to-day

Oct—16 Crossed the Platt again to-day about 10 A.M. and came on to the South side. about 10 A.M. and came on to the Southside.

Oct 16. Last night very pleasant{.} to-day pleasant but windy. Traveled to-day about 16 miles which has been about the number of miles we have traveled for the last 4 or 5 days

Oct 17 Passed deer Creek traveled till a little past noon then canped {camped} for the day

Oct 18th Started this morning in good season and made a good days travel{.} weather pleasant

Oct 19 Sunday. Traveled to-day. crossed the Platt{e} for the Last time. came on 3 or 4 miles then camped

October 20th Snowing this morning—not very cold—Started about 11 A.M. growing colder{.} snowed nearly all day—traveled up the Platt{e} till 4 P.M. then camped. weather cold and snowing.

Oct. 21st More pleasant. thermometer standing at 26—snow melted some in the course of the day{.} snowing towards night

Oct 22. Went back to-day to bro—Hunter{s} {John A. Hunt’s} camp—it is about 10 miles back. Took back bro {William} Upton to see Doctor {John} Wiseman. He has a bad arm. he is some out of his head.

Oct. 23rd Cold last night—Bro Upton died this morning about 10 o’clock. came back to my own camp in the afternoon. Snow melting some. The Hand-cart Company came up to us to night and camped near us. Many dying in that company{.} Pleasant today—snowing going still remain where we camped on the 20th.

Oct- 25. Snow continues melting

Oct 26th Sunday—Pleasant—Snow gradually going. Henry Sterley one of Tennant’s teamsters died this morning.

Oct 27th Still continues pleasant—snow going.

Oct. 28th Expected to have started to-day but the prospects are that we shall not start for 2 or 3 days. Three of the brethren from Salt Lake Valley came in to-day{,} Joseph A. the eldest son of Brigham Young was among the number. They brought word that the brethren were on the road from the valley with teams and flour to assist the Saints—especially the hand-cart Compay

Oct—29 Started this morning and rolled out about ¼ of a mile and then camped

Oct 30 Traveled to-day from 12 to 15 miles. Sister {Jane Ayrton} Tennants mother {Isabella} died this afternoon—concluded to wait till tomorrow before burrying her remains.

Oct. 31st Started this morning with two of some of Tennants wagons and the carriage before the rest of the company. Brought on the remains of Sister Tennants mother—came 4 miles to Willow Creek and there burried her—the grave was very hard diging; it took a long time to do it; the rest of the camp came up and passed us before we got through—got into camp late—found bro Wheellock {Wheelock} in camp—the camp were called together in the evening and he addressed them.


November 1st 1856


Not very cold—looks some like snow—commenced snowing a little past noon—soon camped for the night.

Nov- 2 Sunday. Started this morning—came to Independent {Independence} rock—found the hand cart company there—came on to the Devil’s gate. It is an old treading post—some log cabins there—took possession of about a mile from the post{.} the waters of the Sweet Water {Sweetwater} run between two perpendicular rocks from 3 to 4 hundred feet high{.} this place is called the Devil’s Gate.

Nov 3 Weather cold—from 6 to 8 inches of snow on the ground. The hand cart Com are camped here also.

Nov 4 Thermometer 6 degrees below zero. Joseph A. Young and another brother started back on express this morning to the valley

Nov 5th Hunts company came up to-day and camped. The Hand cart company left yesterday and went on about 2 miles—weather some warmer.

Nov 6 Weather cold again. Some snow fell last night

Nov 7th Still near Devil’s Gate—very cold—Thermometer stood 11 degrees below zero.

Nov 8th more mild to-day.

Nov.—9 Sunday. Weather more pleasant mild—moved out about 4 miles and camped.

Nov 10 Very pleasant. I with my three wagons I had had 5 wagons belonging to bro Tennant but I left one at the Devils gate and let the Hand cart Company have another) and bro Tyler with his 2 wagons—moved out of Hodgetts Company and went about 5 miles.

Nov 11 Snow going{,} weather pleasant—traveled 6 miles

Nov 12 Came to the three crossings of the Sweetwater—crossed one of them then and 5 wagons camped near the second crossing. Hodgetts company and Hunts were a head and had blocked up the rode so we thought it best to camp tho it was or early.

Nov 13 Came 8 miles to-day to another crossing of the Sweet water {Sweetwater}

Nov 14th Started early{.} traveled till after sundown—made a large days travel considering the going{.} traveled 17 miles.

Nov 15 Weather pleasant{.} came about 7 miles then camped in a good place on the Sweet Water

Nov 16 Sunday. Started rather late—came over the rocky ridge. came to a small Creek and a Swampy place. camped—met more teams to-day from the valley.

Nov 17 Cattle Scatered this morning—intended to have started a little after sunrise but did not till 9 o’clock. traveled about an hour came to a hill where the snow was much drifted. had to double teams to get up. came on 4 miles to Strawberry Creek—stopped 3 hours then went 2 miles and camped.

Nov 18. Started a little before sunrise—came 1 mile to a branch of the Sweet water and took breakfast. The hand cart company camped on this creek. after breakfast we came on 7 miles to the last crossing of the Sweet water and camped. Snowed some in the afternoon—weather cold.

Nov 19 Weather cold{.} Started late. our cattle were mixed with the cattle of the other camps that camp near us. To-day we crossed the South Pass. This is the dividing ridge. The waters on the east side flow into the Atlantic ocean, those on the west side flow into the Pacific. The altitude of the summit is 7,065 feet. The land is nearly level on the summit for nearly 10 miles. traveled 13 miles to-day. it has been a hard days travel—many cattle left on the rode{.} weather cold—we camped a little above the Pacific Springs—snowed some in the evening.

Nov 20 Started a little afternoon {.} traveled about 3 miles then camped

Nov 21 Cold this morning—Thermometer 3 degrees below zero. My cow got down this morning not able to get up—had to leave her. Those that have are liable to lose. traveled 8 miles to-day camped 1 mile east of dry Sandy.

Nov 22 Snowed some to-day{.} weather cold. camped early in a good place for feed and plenty of sage brush to burn—no water—melted snow for cooking.

Nov 23 Sunday—Traveled to-day. crossed little Sandy—came on 5 miles to a bend in the big Sandy, then camped. Good feed—snowed some in the evening.

Nov 24 Cold weather, but pleasant: camped at night on big Sandy

Nov 25 Started late—came on about 10 miles then camped where there was not no water neither wood—Some sage brush—good feed of bunch grass{.} melted snow for cooking purposes

Nov 26 Very cold this morning—Started without our breakfast a little after sunrise{,} came 10 miles to Green river—very pleasant Sun to-day

Nov 27 Spent the day on Green river—Snowed some{.} feed good on Green river

Nov 28 Stoped on Green river to-day—sent back a team 5 miles to help up bro Syler—took one of our wagons to the trading post here and left it.

Nov 29 Started to-day about noon{.} came on 6 miles and camped. no water but good feed and sage brush. it has been snowing good part of the day. weather mild.

Nov 30 Sunday. Cold this morning{.} Started about sunrise came on till 12 o’clock. Stoped awhile{,} got our dinners. Sarah Taylor stoped on the rode{.} we sent back after her. She had got into a wagon. she came in nearly frozen. We came on to-night to Ham’s fork and camped. the weather has been cold and a severe day to travel.


December 1st 1856


Started a little before noon—came on 8 miles{,} then camped on a dry creek—plenty of sage brush

Dec 2nd Started late—had to hunt some time for some of our oxen. cold and windy{.} traveled 4 miles. then camped for the purpose of waiting for some flour which was back—got the flour a little before sunsts sunset. Flour was scarce in the camps—many had little or none.

Dec 3 Snowy through the day—traveled 10 miles{.} camped in a good place.

Dec 4. Pleasant—traveled 8 miles{.} came to Fort Bridger about 1 P.M. camped in about one third of a mile of the camp. Found that most of the wagon trains had arrived. This fort use to be an old trading Post kept by a man named Bridger. The Mormons bought him out{.} it is 113 miles from The Great Salt Lake City.

Dec 5 Sent a letter to G.S.L. City by bro. Harvey. Unloaded our 3 wagons—left one wagon and some luggage{.} I also shall leave 2 oxen here{.} Provision is scarce here. I have bought 100 lbs of flour for $12{,}00

Dec—6 made preparation to start for G.S.L. City with 2 wagons and 7 yoke of oxen, and 8 souls{.} started a little before sunset and traveled 5 miles then camped where there was a plenty of wood no water nor much feed. After being in camp nearly an hour a brother came into camp from Sl Salt Lat G.S.L. City stating that there was nearly 60 horse teams on the road was loaded with flour and was going to take in all the people. I immediately came to the conclusion to roll back to the Fort{,} leave my wagons and oxen and go in with the horse teams.

Dec 7 Sunday. At sunrise we started back for the fort{,} came 1½ mile then camped for the day where there was a plenty of wood—feed for the cattle 1½ mile distant on to which we drove our oxen, After breakfast I went to the Fort took dinner with bro. Lewis Robison, the brother that owns the Fort{.} In the evening I started back to our little camp{,} met with the horse teams coming in.

Dec. 7 Snowing this morning{.} got up our cattle and rolled back to the Fort{.} many more of the horse teams in came in to night{.} Weather cold.

Dec. 9th Stayed at the Fort waiting for the company to start out. made arangements to leave all our cattle{,} the 2 wagons and some of the luggage.

Dec 10 Started this morning in company with a number of the brethren that came after us. Snowed most of the day—came to Bear river and camped. Snowed in the evening.

Dec. 11 Snowing this morning. Snow becoming deep—came on in to Echo Kanyon {Canyon} and camped for the night{.} pleasant this evening being in the full of the moon but the weather was cold onand snow about 18 inches deep

Dec 12 Snowing again this morning and continued it a good part of the day—came on to Weber river and camped.

Dec 13 Pleasant but cold—road drifted some of the way—came on within 4 miles of the foot of the big mountain and camped.

Dec. 14 Sunday. Snowing. crossed the big mountain. Snow deep on the top of it. wind blowing so that in five minuets our tracks would all be filled up{.} came to Emigration Kanyon {Canyon} within 10 miles of G.S.L. City.

Dec—15. Pleasant. Started early arrived in the City about noon being 4 years and 3 months since I left the City of the Saints.