Transcript for Joel J. Terrell diary, 1846 July-1847 July

. . . venison and on the 18th Capt. [James] Brown returned from Santafee [Santa Fe] with our money to this time weather changeable on the evening of the 24th I started to hard scrabble or white oake [Oak] creek nearing 30 mi & with an attachment went to attach property[.] returned the 26th in the evening[.] all the detachments having started for Larimy [Fort Laramie] the day before I went up fountain kabacia 3 or 4 m, staid with Capt [Nelson] Higgins all night[.] overtook Co. next day som 36 ms from kabacia pueblow [Pueblo] 3 ms above crossing kabacia Co having got there the 26th[.] Staid heare till the morning of the 30th and pursuid our march 20 ms to Jimmys camp and encamped for the night. This evening we were visited with a cold rane with wind and some haile before we could pich our tenst [tents] which rendered it verry dissagreable

31st took up line of march some 18 ms to Stony point, encamped for the night this event in crosing the divide before we got here it hailed and rained verry hard which was verry bad on us and our anamils. this night I was officer of the gard and about 9 ocloc it so hard I got leave of our capt to relieve the garrd but being verry wet and cold I had verry little rest all night

June 1st took line of march some 15 ms to Stony <Cherry crick [Creek]> and encamped for the night This evening I picked a mess of greens made a churn staff and dasher and some of the boys killed a she bare of the black kind tolerable pork.

2nd we took up line some 15 ms down same creek and encamped for the night

3rd this morning we took up line some 16 or 17 ms and encamped on the s fork of the river Plat[te] for the night

4th we took up line of march 18 ms and after passing 2 forts luptons and some other encamped for the night peace off river

5th This day took march for crosing some ten ms crossed went down som six ms and encamped for a season[.] the bank of it at this place it is about 3 hundred yds wid[e] from 3 to 6 feet deepe

6th This day qu[i]te pleasant I washed 3 shirts and wamunes [women's] haversack and handkerchief[.] we are now in the fork of the plat[te] and Cash LaPoode [Cache La Poudre River] at which we have

7th this morning we took up line of march crosed cash Lapoode marched 15 ms and encamped for the night on drye creek or rathar [rather] for a season to water for our beef cattle

8th this S[ebert] d Shelton came with our beef cattle[.] I am now called to attend to the gard

9th this morning we marched up dry creek some 12 ms and are encamped for the nighit with orders to cook 2 days on the expectation of not having the privilege of wood

10th we took up line of march some 20 ms and encamped on a small creek the name of which I have not learned but from appearance I am pleased to call it little Sandy or cleare creek

11th this morning shortly after we took up march went to 20 <18> ms encamped in a bottom on a small branch of horse creek[.] this evening Amasa liman [Lyman,] woley[,] Tibbet and R Stevens came to our camp which gave som of us much satisfaction Others disstress of mind at any rate it gave us an other chance to part with one dollar more of our hard earnings it was joy and grief to me

12th we took up line of march 20 ms encamped for the night on an other branch of horse creek[.] this day shortly after we started we killed 2 bufalow [buffalo] in pretty good order

13th This morning marched 5 ms and encamped on horse creek till the morrow[.] this creek takes its name from the many heards of horses having ben seen and caught heare 3 ocloc this day the detachments being caled together[.] Elder Limon [Lyman] delivered a verry appropriate address in relation to our going to California and carry out the principles for which we inlisted in connection with which he also gave us some varya verry able council and instruction &c which verry consoling he having done it with the spirrit of niceness

14th this morning a detachment of 11 being sent on to Laramy[.] I being one of that number to find some stolen horses[.] we traviled some 40 ms and lodged all night on a branch some 6 ms from Larimy

15th when we got in about 1-1/2 ms of there on a high hill we were meet by a war party of the Souix [Sioux] Indians who made a verry hostile apperarance being mou[n]ted on horseback well armed with bows arrows guns speers,etc. there was not fare [far] from 100 tha[t] seen us at a distance supposed us to have ben the Crow Indians with whom tha [they] were at war but finding the mistake tha all commenced shaking hands with us and you may depende tha went the whole hog as that tha gladly escorted us to Laramy[.] this evening we found some of the horses neare Larimy in the hands of some Frenchman who dwelt in lodgs[.] we sent our express back for more help and we lay under a tree this night

16th this day an additional attachment came to our assistance and we took what we could find and returned back a short distance to camp

17th we took up march crosed river by blocking wagons and went some 4 ms & encamped for the night.

18th We marched 16 ms & encamped for the night.

19th This day we traviled some 17 ms to willow branch & encamped till munday.

20th This day Elder limon gave us all a good whipping at 2 ocloc and a great deal of good council in relation to the corse we should take

21st this day we marched 12 mi. crosed horse shue [Horseshoe] river little further & encamped on a small streame for the night good water.

22 we took up march some 15 ms through or over the black hills crosing several pretty streems of water & crosed a butiful streame of water to apearince an excelent mill privaledge[.] this streame is called by Indians Man I shall call it black creek from its afte its having its location through the black hills on which we encamped for the night.

23rd we took march over the black & lead hills crosing some small streams principly dry crosed deer creek a pretty stream of water and encamped on its bank to waite for [Nelson] higgins detachment[.] this day we traviled 18 ms this day we kiled a grsley [grizley] & one cub

24th Verry warme

25th We took up march traviled 18 ms[.] T[homas] Williams kills a first rate buffalo[.] we encamped on on mane plat at the mouth of big deer creek.

26th we marched 16 ms. & encamped on the plat

27th this day we marched up to the ferry 4 ms[.] the pioneers established it[.] we encamped for a season to get blacksmthing done

28th This day 15 of us ware detaled to overtake the Pioneers & we left long 10 o cloc a m[.] traviled some 18 ms and took a recess of an houre or 2 and some refreshment & good springs heare[.] this day went some 31 ms to brackish water or purlash swamp

29th came 5 ms to willow springs this day went some 27 ms struck Sweete water [Sweetwater,] independent [Independence] rock[.] went 6 ms to Devils gate and stoped for the night

30th Took up march 30 ms up river to sweete and stoped for the night a greate deal of sand from ferry heare or to this place wood scarce but good water & feede and rocky mountains on the right[.] this day indeede and a range of timber on the left on the left

July the first we took up march 32 ms to mountain springs and encamped for the night.

2nd we took up marched 40 ms and lade own ground this this day[.] we crosed the divide imediately on the west side of from Laramy [Laramie] said great divide 280ms[.] here we came to the green springs or pacific springs[.] the waters of which run into the greate pacific[.] this is a verry greate boiling spring surrounded by a qua[g]mire[.] water verry cold

& same 32 ms[.] <laid> on the bank of a branch top big sandy[.] feed verry scarce

4th this day we went some 10 ms to ferry of green river the pioneers having moved some 2 ms below shortly after we got thare brigum [Brigham Young] and some of the 12 meet meet and ferryed us over and escorted down to there camp[.] we were received with three cheers of hosanna to god and the Lamb by Brigum and all the rest with amen & amen

5th this day we marched 20 ms to a streem called blacks fork and encamped for the night. good feed heare[.] some brush for wood[.] this day traviled 18 ms and cared sd creek some 4 times[.] we crosed and encamped on it for the night.

7th we took up line of march 17-3/4 miles to bridger after crossing the before mentioned black fork some 4 or 5 times and encamped for the night[.] black fork divides into various branches heare some 4 or 5 feede plenty heare

8th this morning frost this day the pioneers lay by to get something don this forest is in latitude 41-19-13 the earth heare is 6665 feete above the level of the great pacific.

9th this 6 of us started back to meete company.

10th 2 oclock this day got to the ferry & encamped

11th 10 o clock Am Elder Brannan & myself left to meet company

12th meet them 10 ms of green springs 100 ms from Bridger

17th after breakfast I left my mess because I was not able to please the mistress and I believe no boddy else could who wishes to do rite[.] from which time I eat nothing till evening except a few mouthfuls of dryed buffaloe

18th Nothing worth noting

19th This day we arived at fort brgger [Bridger] & encamped for the night.

20th took up march 15 ms to a small <branch> of black fork and encamped for night.

21st we took up march through a verry mountainous <shruby> country pased through a long narrow valley or 2 and into an other to a firstrate spring in side of the bluff to left hand neare which we encamped for the night on a small stream of baer [bear] river

22nd. this morning we marched 16½ ms to the cave springs and encamped for the night good feede wood scarce land good pararie smooth some 47 mi from heare to bridger

23d this morning we took up march down same valley some 17 or 18 ms the first part of which was smothe [smooth] pararie <well set in grass> the balance rough s[c]rubby brushey & rough[.] on the south the side a chane of high ball mountains on the north high and on the north of this narrow valley a chane also of high rocky mountains[.] a part of this valley is covered with gooseberrys[,] courents [currents.] read [red] and yellow and white thorne scrubby oake and willows[.] along this little branch we pased several good springs and encamped for the night amongst the willows[.] the mountains heare on either side are verry high

24th this morning we pased down this valley some 7 ms to wever [Weber] Creek and turned down it to the rite one mile or upwards NW co[u]rse and encampecd for the night[.] this valley upwards of 80 rods wide & geese flew over this evening[.] we have quite a refreshing shower this evening

25th we lay by this day to rest our teams and do some washing[.] 3 pm Elder Limornon delivered a sermon in which he gave rich enstructions and counsel without favor or affections

26th we took up march some 15 ms after going down the stream some 2 ms crosed over to left kenyon [canyon] north southeast up an other and encamped for night.

Just this side of crosing hundreds of acres of firstrate farme land well watered springs plenty &tc currents, goosberies &tc in greate plenty &tc &tc black read [red] yellow &tc

27th we took up march kenyan [Canyon] creek several ms & after crossing it 10 times we left it and turned to rite, up a kenyan[,] up a gradual assent through grove of fur pine[,] small shugar [sugar,] and various kinds of under groth [undergrowth] the grove continues neare the summit[.] this mountain farom [from] said summit I had the most sublime the most commanding and the most glorious view my eyes ever beheld[.] I was filled with admiration and delite at the grand appearence of the towering mountains of Israel[.] from this summit pased down a kenyon of thick timber come to small branch in & a short distance from summit went down into open valley and encamped for the night[.] this day some 15 ms