Transcript for Johan Frederick Fechser autobiographical sketch in Fechser family histories

In the spring of 1854 we left St. Louis for Great Salt Lake City, in Capt. James Browns Company. We went to a place called Salt Creek, with the Steamboat; from there we went with ox teams over the plains and thru the mountains till we reached Great Salt Lake City, 24 of Sept. 1854.

It pleased the Lord to try the Saints who emigrated this year very hard, we got namely the colera among us. Many died and most of the company were sick. Among others who died was my dear beloved wife, she died on the 21 of June at one oclock in the morning, and was buried fifteen <7> miles from Fort Leavenworth, and my daughter died on the 24th of June and was buried fifteen miles from Fort Leavenworth. This was a heavy blow for me; but I will say with Job of old: The Lord gave and the Lord Took, blessed be the name of the Lord.

In these days a family by the name of Stutmann died. Frantz and his wife Louise died on the 22 of June, and 2 sons, the name of one was Edward, the other ones name I do not know. The funeral of all these I attended to with my own hands; they were all buried 15 miles from Fort Leavenworth.