Transcript for Johanna K. Jensen Anderson autobiography, circa 1930, 2-3

We went directly to a little place in Nebraska called Wyoming, where many saints remained until they could accumulate enough money to proceed on to Utah. We stayd in Nebraska to until the following year when my father had earned enough money to pay for our trip to Utah. We left Nebraska early in September [August] 1866. I walking a good deal of the way across the plains. One evening shortly after making camp, we received word that the Indians were coming and that they were friendly. But we children were mighty frightened any way. Can you imagine seeing [-] and of half naked men, with feathers on their heads, come tearing around the point in the mountains, their horses covered with foam from hard riding and yelling at the tops of their voices. they stayed and talked with our leaders, later smoking a pipe and passing it around. They spent the night in our camp but you may depend on it there was little sleep that night for any of us children.