Transcript for John and Ann Cartwright, Life Sketch, reel 2, box 2, fd. 4, item 2, 2-7

At one point in the journey Ann Cartwright lay down with the idea that she had gone as far as she possibly could, and was prepared to die where she lay. How long she had been there she did not know, but she heard her name "Ann" called as distinctly as it could be called. She raised on her elbow and looked around but was unable to see a living soul. Again she lay down and again she heard her name called "Ann", as plainly as could be. Again she raised upon her elbow and looked around, but could not see anyone. She arose expecting to see her husband but not a living being could she see. She always held this experience as a testimony of the care that the Lord has over his children and testified to her dying day that only the calling of her name on this occasion caused her to continue the journey. With renewed energy she drew on her failing strength and pressed on and in a short time came upon her husband who had missed her and turned back to look for her.

Arriving in September of 1859. . .