Transcript for John B. Fairbanks journal, 1846 February-1847 July

19 clear. The crick to high to cross. Stayed all day 20th clear weather water down in crick. Crossed over & drove to the Elkhorn River & crossed & was organized into the 4th Company of ten of the 2nd fifty & third hundred by J.M.Grant, Capt. of 3 . 100 & I was appointed Capt. of the ten, stood guard half the night—

June 21 (Sunday) Stayed at the horn & helped cross some wagons together with the artillery, made out the roll of numbers in my ten & handed to Capt. Grant

22 Crossed Father Cutllr & some others to go back to winter quarters, tooks the roof off of the raft & started for the Platt river arrived at the Platt about 4 oclocks P.M. (23) & camped with our Brethren, that were ahead of us (23) the whole camp of about 600 waggons started up the river all organized in companies of hundreds, fifties & tens, with their Capt. at their heads. Travelled about 12 Miles & Camped

24 th Started about 9 o clock A.M. & traveled about 12 miles & stoped for the night.

25th Capt. Grant called his company together & sugested the idea of Starting earley in mornings. The company acceded to the proposition, seven oclock was appointed the time of starting. We started accordingly and drove about 14 miles—camped about 4 oclock P.M. The whole camp even called together in Councill, to regulate the affairs of traveling & it was agreed that we should travel as we had done until1 Tuesday 26st. Started out in regular order about 8 oclock A.M. Travelled about 12 Miles & camped, after the cattle were watered & sent out to feed. Capt. Grant called his company in together & gave them some instructions in regard to travling & also in regard to them praying & other duties which envolve upon them. He gave the Capt. of tens particular instructions to appertain the condition of the fire arms in their respective & the amount of powder & lead & report to the Capt of 50.

27th Reported to Capt. Snow the condition of fire arms & amt. of lead & powder in the 4th 10.. 43 powder, 128 lead, 9 rifles, 4 muskets, & [-] +3 pistols, all in good order Breakfast Started & drove about 14 miles & camped. Stood Guard half this night.

June 28, 1847 (Sunday) Breakfast & prayer helped my wife wash until 1 oclock P.M. Then went to meeting. Prayer in the evening then retired to bed

29th Prayer then breakfast. Yoked our cattle & started drove about 14 miles & camped made a bridge across the crick. Supper & prayer. Then went to bed.

30th Prayer & Breakfast got ready to proceed on our journey. Started & drove a bout 12 miles camped, prayer Supper. Then retired to bed.

July 1st Prayer & Breakfast then prepared to start—Started about 8 oclock, drove about 12 miles camped, prayer, supper

2nd prayer breakfast Started about 8 oclock crossed the Creek fork of the Platt[e] River then drove about 5 miles, & camped.

July 3 1847, Prayer, breakfast Started about 8 oclock, drove 12 or 15 miles & camped, prayer, supper, stood guard until 1 oclock A.M. Then went to bed

4th Prayer, breakfast. Started on drove to a small crick made a place to ford it, crossed over & drove til near sundown. Then camped, prayer, supper, bed.

5th (Sunday) Prayer, breakfast, brought water to wash, went to meeting, made a place to ford a creck [creek] near when we camped—

6th prayer, breakfast, Started 8 oclock traveled about 12 Miles camped

7 Prayer. Breakfast, Started traveled 14 Miles. Camped Prayer—Supper retired.

8 Prayer. Breakfast. Started 8 oclock traveled 15 Miles, camped prayer. Supper Stood guard the latter part of night.

9th Prayer, Breakfast, Started 8 oclock, traveled 14 Miles Camped, Prayer, Bed.

10th breakfast, prayer. Spoked a wheell That was broken yesterday. Started 1 oclock P.M. traveled about 10 Miles & camped prayer, supper, bed

11 Prayer, breakfast. Started 8 oclock traveled about 10 Miles & camped, washed got wood for Colpitt—prayer bed.

12th Sunday prayer breakfast: got some wood, went to meeting, prayer, bed

13 Prayer, breakfast, Started ½ past seven, traveled about 14 Miles camped, prayed supper Stood guard ½ night cattle rushed out pen went to bed & broth Capt. Snow’s Waggon.

14 Prayer breakfast, Branded cattle all day. Started at 8 Oclock. Travelled about 14 Miles & camped a company went to hunt killed one Buffaloe, lent my six shuter pistol to Brn. Baker & he lost it, prayer, supper. Company meeting changed our mode of traveling each 50 travel & camp & heard cattle Sepperate.

Prayer, breakfast.