Transcript for John C. Poulsen diary, 1864 May-1866 July, 44-45

July 29th at 7 o'clock in the morning. I and Thomsen, with our wives, to our surprise met at the place Brother C. Mikkelsen (He had perhaps been with the teams people as a total of 450 teams had in that year, 1866, been sent over the mountain to bring the poor emigrants from Wyoming and Nebraska through the mountains <(and partly over the mountains)> to Utah. A great many of the mentioned teams were already at the place; but (if the diary notations are not misunderstood) the says: We waited at that place until the 13th of August (two weeks time) before we could be taken to Utah. The teams from Utah carried proviant [provisions] with them to be given to the emigrants, that were in need of same, and many were that.

We had had a hard time of it during part of the time of our journey as not less than 33 persons of our company had died from cholera or some other disease, before we had reached to the La Plata [Platte] river.