Transcript for John Duncan autobiography and journal, 1851-1861; 1902, 103-4

April 12thBrother A[rchibald]. Bowman Co. D[..]es myself Mother [Margaret] Bowman & Familye 10 in all in one wagon in Co. with other 9 Wagons started from Grand [sic] to go by Land to Council Bluffs

[-] 25th[.] Arrived in the Bluffs

June 2nd[.] Organized into a Co. 6 miles west of the Missouri River.

July 9th[.] This afternoon my Wife [Eliza] was confined. Camp halted. And she had a Daughter [Julia] Born in the 7th month Owing to Her having to Travel day after Day[.] The Child lived 2 hours[.] It was Born 345 Miles from Winter Quarters at a Place called Picaninnis [Picanninni] Springs

Sept. 2nd Arrived in Salt Lake City