Transcript for "John Gordon," In Biographical Information Relating to Mormon Pioneer Overland Travel database

The journey across the ocean was a very long tiresome one, but in spite of it all there were many interesting things happened. One of them was the rescue of a young girl by the name of Mary Madden, who was found in he ocean floating on some wreckage. She and her sister had embarked for America together, but the ship upon which they had taken passage was ship wrecked; the sister was drowned and Mary was rescued by the crew of the William Tapscot.

Mary while in her terror stricken condition was warmly taken in to the family circle of John Gordon. So good were they to her and so attached did she become to them, that she requested that grandfather Gordon adopt her. This was not done, however, but she lived with them, sharing their joys and sorrows and privations and hardships until they arrived in Tooele, Utah, where she married an reared a family of six children, and then passed to her reward.