Transcript for John H. Tippets autobiography, circa 1882

I went to work teeming to git means to return in the Spring with my family to Salt Lake Vally in the Spring Brigham Youngs company a head Heber C. Kimlel [Kimball] next[.] I was in Kimbal[l]s company[.] we started the first of april[.] we went six miles and camped days[.] I took sick[.] in A few days got able to start with the company[.] camped next on the horn [Elk Horn]. a river by that name[.] next day the indians tried to steele our catle[.] some of our men after them[.] one by the name of t[h]omas was shot in the back. he got well[.] one [was] shot throug[h] the hand[.] next camped on the Loup fork [-.] this stream pased the pawine [Pawnee] misionary station again[.] pased the old pawne town again[.] went up the river one day and a half drive and cam[p]ed[.] went over to the flat again[.] kept up the river to larimee [Laramie,] finily [finally] on the way on the old pioneer road to independant [Independence] rock[,] up the Sweat water [Sweetwater] past the pasifick [Pacific] springs[,] cross[ed] the Sandys and Gre[e]n river[,] pased fort biger [Bridger,] over the big and little mountain so caled[.] then into Salt Lake Vall[e]y again on the twenty fourth of September 1848[.] on this Journ[e]y I lost three oxen [and] two cows[.] when I got into the val[le]y I had one ox [and] two cows