Transcript for John Harvey Tippets, Biographical Sketches

Left Nauvoo with the main body of the Church[.] On the banks of the Missouri river he volunteered to join the Mormon Battalion and accompanied that body as far as Santa Fe N.M. when his health failed and he with a number were sent to Pueblo. From there he and Thomas Wolsey were sent back to Winter Quarters as messengers with letters and money from the Battalion boys to their families. It was in the dead of winter and they were unacquainted with the country only as they were directed at Pueblo. They encountered hostile Indians who twice took them prisoners. They finally reached their destination in safety. They started with 20 days rations and were 42 days on the way. A certain Pawnee chief took a fancy to Bro. Tippetts and wanted him to marry his daughter before he would let him go. Bro. Tippetts pacified the chief by saying he could not take her with him then and be expected to come back that way which was true as he expected to rejoin the company of Battalion boys.

At Winter Quarters Pres. Young counseled him to stay and come with the Pioneers which he did thus becoming one of the original Pioneers.