Transcript for John M. King diaries, 1845-1850, Diary, 1847 May-November

Wedensday August 25th This morning some of the brethren concluded to stop here through the winter and come on in the spring[.] we lay by this Day and let our animals rest and i mended my shoes and wrote some[.] the Day passed off as usual

Thursday August 26 We this morning left our camp and continued our Journey and traveled about 20 miles and encamped for the knight[.] we passed several farms and two fields of wheat of the best kind[.] it looked first rate[.] here we came to hunts co

Friday August 27th 1847 (635 m) This day i went to sut[t]ers fort five miles from our camp[.] here i saw two American woman and they looked natural[.] some of our boys stoped here until spring, and then came over. some of our company started this morning to go ahead over the mountain ah and then stop until we came up;

Saturday August 28th We this day still remained in this same ground preparing to start on the morrow. i this day washed my clothes and the day passed off, with nothing more than usuall raking [taking] place;

Sunday 29 August This morning we left our camp ground and took our Journey for the mountain[.] we traveled about 18 miles and camped on a dry branch where we had to dig for water[.] here we had but little feed[.] we had a considerable of a rain last knight the first since last February;

Monday August 30th 1847 This morning we started a north course traveling about 22 miles and encamped on bear creek one mile from the last house[.] brother [Reddick Newton] Allred and my self went to the house and saw mary Murphy one of the girls that survived in the mountain last winter[.] she was very glad to see us and hear from her cousin;

Tuesday August 31 1847 This morning we started very early and when we came to Johnsons house where i took two letters to carry to salt lak[.] we struck into the mountain and traveled about 25 miles and encamped for the knight in the midst of the hills;

Wedensday Sept th[e] 1st 1847 This morning we did not start until late and traveled 15 miles about east or northeast where we found grass and water[.] the hills are covered with pine and oak timber[.] water is found once in about from five to six miles of the best quality and purest of air and healthiest of climates;

Thursday Sept th[e] 2 1847 This morning as brother [Henry] Hoit [Hoyt] was sick so as to not move forward[.] the company went on and left us[.] i felt very bad to stop as i was desirous to git through to meet my family or at least to hear from them and being in the midst of the mountains and but little to subsist upon we remained on ground through day[.] there was considerable thunder in the north east but no rain where we were[.] the Day passed off and we had not gained eny on our Journey;

Friday: Sept th[e] 3d Through the grace of god brother Hoyt was some better and thought he could start on[.] we therefore packed up and started on and continued for eight miles to what is called Deep Hollow[.] on arriving at the top of the hill which was very Steep he was completely overdone[.] we therefore stoped our animals[.] he requested us to administer to him[.] we brothers Alfred Willcox and myself went foreward but i could not git eny testimony that he would get well as he could not go on[.] br Willcox and myself traveled on about two miles where we found a small spot of grass as the timber is chiefly pine and hemlock and no grass only here and there a spot[.] we therefore returned to the boys to let them know that we had found a place to where [we] could stop and calculated to make a litter and carry brother Hoyt to the spot[.] in arriving where they were he thought he could ride his horse[.] we therefore lifted him on his horse and started on[.] we had another hill to go up and on ascending about halfway up the hill he very near fell off from the horse[.] i therefore went to assist brother Allred and on taking him from the horse found he was dieing for he had no pult [pulse] yet; i did not say anything for a few moments, bro Allred and myself staid with him and the rest went on to unpack the animals and some of them to return[.] they had not been gone more than twenty mom<ents> before he breathed his last[.] never in my life did i see the time that i have such feelings as at this time[.] eight of us left behind the company without the first tool to dig a grave to bury him and we had to dig a place to bury him with sticks that we cut with our hatchets[.] we therefore dug a place on the side of hill to lay him in and gathered all of the stones we could and laid him in the place we had prepared and built raped [wrapped] him in his blanket and built up stones on the lower side and placed pine poles over him and laid the stone over the poles but could not cover him with dirt and was obliged to leave him in this situation after throughing [throwing] on brush[.] we arrived at our camp about sunset where we reposed for the knight, traveling 10 miles with thankful hear<ts> to our heavenly father that he had given us strength with the tools we had to bury him as well as we had and a privilege of calling on his name for a blessing for the knight

Saturday Sept th[e] 4 1847 This morning we arose very early before it was Day and got our breakfast at daybreak[.] we traveled on our Journey for ten miles when we overtook some of the[m] at Mule Spring[.] we watered our animals and then continued our Journey through the beautifulest timber i ever saw consisting of fine hemlock and balsoms of fir[.] we continued for about twelve miles when we over took our brethren and we were very glad to see them[.] we traveled 21 miles this Day[.] we found good grass and first rate water[.] this is at the head of bear river;

Sunday Sept th[e] 5 1847 This morning we continued our Journey very early and after traveling about two miles we passed a place where some of those were who were stoped in by the snow last winter and the most of them starved to death and some of them eat those that died and one woman it is said eat some of her husband's heart after it was cooked[.] Sister murphy and her family was with them and she being ahead of some of the rest at the head of bear river where we left this morning and finding one of her oxen dead it is said[.] crossed over the mountain to let a man kno<w> so that he could git some of it to eat and she never returned[.] i saw one of the men that went and helped fetch those that were alive out and he said when they came to the old man[,] he had two buckets of blood and one box nearly full of legs and arm of those they supposed he had killed and that he saw the most of sister Murphy body with the rest[.] i saw one of the girls and she told me that six of their family Died. We crossed over the back bone and it is a very bad hill to climb[.] we traveled about 12 miles and encamped on Juniper Creek for the knight.

Monday Sept 6th we this morning struck camp quite early and we had a very rough road traveling over rocks and hills[.] we traveled about 15 miles and encamped at the pyramid spring[.] after being in camp two or three hours brs. Rainey and branon arrived and informed us that it wa[s] the counsil for some to remain in California if they had not a certain quantity of flour and did not know their family was comeing over if they could not go through to winter quarters[.] this gave me serious feelings on the account of my family for i had not as yet heard from them since i left them[.] brother allred and myself went to the top of this natural puramid [pyramid.] from the first begining of begining of our climbing to the top is about one mile and half[.] we judged from appearance no human being ever climbed it before. We counted 20 lakes and sixty Drifts of snow from this place;

Today Sept 7th 1847 This morning we started very early and after traveling about twelve miles we crossed the back bone of the California Mountains and continued for about eighteen miles passing several lakes and beautiful streams of water[.] we traveled 30 miles and encamped on a stream of water in a valey of Death for in this valey the most of the emigrants died last winter and here we met Capt Brown and overtook the forward company Wedensday sept 8 and received two letters

Wedensday Sept 8 This morning a part of my ten went back with [..thers.] we started quite late and traveled 14 miles and encamped for the knight[.] we had a meeting in the evening to find out or conclude how we should travel from this place as some of us wanted to travel to the bluffs and some only to Salt Lake[.] we concluded to divide into two companies and go ahead[.] we had a very good meeting and the Spirit of the Lord was with us; i felt very low in spirits it on the account of my family, as the news was grieving to me and puting to my heart[.] after prayer we retired to rest;

Thursday Sept 9 1847 This morning we started very early and after traveling about four miles, we came to the trackey river[.] we crossed the stream three times and after traveling 28 miles we encamped for the knight[.] we left timber in the forenoon and therefore wood is scarce at this place but a plenty of grass and water[.] the knight is very warm

Friday Sept 10th This morning we started very early on our journey[.] we traveled over a very rough and stony road and had to cross the river a great many times. we met a emigranting company in the afterno[o]n bound for California consisting of forty waggons from the States[.] we traveled 30 miles and encamped again having good feed

Saturday Sept 11th This Morning we started quite late[.] brother Levi and [Andrew] Litle [Lytle] did not git up the evening before and i hate to start and leave them[.] we had to go about 50 miles without water except a hot spring[.] we arrived here[,] the sun about an hour high[.] we had to travel the rest in the knight which took us until about two hours before Day[.] we did not git much sleep this knight[.] we traveled on through a valley all this Day and our encampment was at the fork of St Marys river[.] we met eighteen more waggons of emigrants this Day;

Sunday Sept 12 This morning it looked very much like rain when we got up and did rain before we could git our breakfast[.] we started very late this morning also and continued our journey of this valey for 25 miles[.] here we found water but it is very poor and a little grass here[.] weari<ed> after sun set traveling nearly east of northeast

Sunday Sept 13th 1847 This morning we started very early and continued up the valley about 30 miles and came to the river and again encamped for the knight[.] the water in this river is about as rily as it is in the Missouri

Tuesday Sept 14 1847 This day we traveled 15 miles and stoped on the river a little afternoon and were called to gether to see what our minds were about stoping for those that were behind and after talking a spel concluded to go on in the morning and leave a letter to let them know that we were not a going to stop for them as we expected to go to the Bluffs if possible before we stoped[.] we washed some and prepared to start in the morning;

Wedensday Sept 15th 1847 This morning we started very early and continued up this river[.] after traveling about twenty miles we met two waggons of emigrants[.] we traveled 30 miles and encamped for the knight[.] this knight i was on guard again[.] it was very cold;

Thursday Sept th[e] 16 1847 This morning we started quite early and after we had traveled about four miles we passed about thirty wagons of emigrants for Oregon[.] we traveled very fast through the Day and after traveling 30 miles we encamped for the knight[.] we here found first rate feed[.] there is no timber in this part of the world country and no wood only small willows;

Friday Sept 17th This morning we started midleing early traveling an east course for the whole Day[.] we again encamped after traveling about 25 miles[.] this Day was very w warm y yet the knights cold and frosty

Saturday Sept 18th This day was very warm and dusty[.] we traveled this Day 24 miles and encamped for the knight[.] it very warm and pleasant[.] we traveld about an east course;

Sunday 19th we this Day we started traveled This day we started very early and continued our Journey[,] still up this river[.] we had a very good road the best part of the Day yet some dusty[.] we traveled 30 miles and encamped for the knight traveling an east course;

Monday th[e] 20 This morning we started in good season and continued our Journey but our minds were considerable trouble on account of fatigue of our march[.] we therefore traveled 12 m[iles] passing capt Hunts Co about one mile and encamped for the rest of the [day] and had a meeting at knight;

Tuesday Sept 21 This day we left the river and crossed over the mountain[.] after traveling 22 miles, we encamped for the knight on the same river[.] here we found first rate grass for our animals[.] we traveled nearly an east course this day;

Wedensday Sept 22d This day we passed through a kanion of the mountain[.] we saw twelve Indians in the course of the Day and they appeared verey friend<ly>[.] we traveled 25 miles and encamped[.] i was on guard this knight;

Thursday Sept 23d This day we started in good season and i walked the greatest part of the Day on account of my riding mule being sick or for the want of rest[.] we traveled 25 miles, and again encamped for the knight on the same stream;

Friday Sept 24 This day we started late[.] the roads were very dusty[.] we passed the forks of the road[.] we saw some snow on the tops of the mountains close by and the wether was quite cool and cloudy[.] after traveling about 18 miles we again encamped for the knight

Saturday Sept th[e] 25th 1847 this morning we started considerable early and after traveling about three miles we left the mary river on our left and traveled 25 miles this day and encamped about the midle of the afternoon;

Sunday Sept 26th This morning we started about sunrise and traveled until the sun an hour high at knight traveling thirty five 35 miles at another hot spring[.] in the evening we had a meeting to know whether we would stop on the morrow, or not[.] the vote was put and carried to tarry on the ground[.] we retired to our camps and retired to rest;

Monday 27th Sept This morning some twelve or fourteen left us to go onto the lake being to go faster than the rest[.] we rested on the ground and at about four o clock[.] brother Levi and Little and their Co came up which gave us Great Joy and satisfaction to have their company again

Tuesday th[e] 28 This morning we started in good season and traveled about an northeast course for the space of 25 miles where we encamped again for the knight by some very fine spring of cold water. we passed two watering places in the course of the Day and one good campground;

Wedensday th[e] 29 This day we started in good season[.] we lost two horses by the Indians[.] we passed two more watering places before we came to Goose Creek. we traveled down about five miles and encamped for the knight[.] We traveled 28 miles;

Thursday 30 This Day we continued and journeyed down this stream until nearly knight when we left the river and traveled about three miles where we encamped again for the knight traveling 25 miles

Oct th[e] 1st 1847 Friday This day we started very early and had a very rough road over the mountains[.] we passed some very curious rocks some one hundred and fifty feet high and not very large at the bottom for the height and traveled 28 miles and encamped at a warm springs in good spirits;

Saturday Oct 2nd This Day we started very early and after traveling about ten miles and came to Case Creek we then traveled about twenty mile and campt traveling 30 miles;

Sunday Oct th[e] 3 we did not start very early this morning and traveled 20 miles and came to the main oregon road and encamped for the knight[.] the feed not very good

Monday Oct th[e] 4 1847 We this morning we started in expectation of arriving at Fort hall in traveling ten miles but we traveled about 22 miles and encamped again with [out] seeing the long looked for place. the wind blew very hard and looked like rain

Tuesday Oct th[e] 5 1847 This morning we continued our journey[.] after about 6 miles we came to the American falls of Snake river[.] we traveled about 14 miles and again camped on the bottom for the knight.

Wedensday Oct 6th we this morning did not start as early as we commonly did on the account of some little rain the last knight[.] we traveled about 15 miles and arrived at fort hall and camped for the knight[.] here i point out the loss of my money for some bacon and we had a very good sup[p]er being the first meat for more than a month[.] it rained a little again after dark and i was again on guard[.] then rain went round and we did not git much wet as it has for the year that is gone by

Thursday th[e] 7 This day we separated and some went to the Lake and some of us started for fort bridger[.] we traveled 18 miles to the entering of the mountains and camped for the knight.

Friday Oct th[e] 8 This morning we arose so very early and got on our jouney[.] we had considerable rough road to travel and after traveling 20 miles we again encamped for the knight

Saturday Oct 9th This morning we left our camp ground in good season and continued our journey down the valey for 18 miles and encampd at a beautiful [-] spring at the foot of a mountain[.] this valey is called patrus

Sunday Oct th[e] 10 1847. This morning we started at sunrise and after traveling twelve miles we came to bear river[.] we continued on our journey about ten miles further and campd for the knight traveling 22 miles[.] here we killd some geese for our breakfasts in the morning

Monday Oct th[e] 11 1847 This morning we also started at sunrise and traveled about 30 miles and came to a cabin and laid in it all knight it being some what rainy

Tuesday Oct 12 1847 This day we lay by and let our animals rest[.] we caught 22 trout and killed three duck, we feasted on them and rejoyced that we were thus favioured and blessed in procureing some thing to eat

Wedensday Oct 13th This morning we started quite early and had avery hilly road[.] we traveled 20 miles and campd again on the river[.] brother B Harris killd an antelope;

Thursday Oct th[e] 14 this morning we Did not start as early as comon yet we traveled about 20 miles and campd on South fork of bear river at a little bunch of willows[.] we have caught twenty five fish[,] killed 3 geese and 3 Ducks and one antelope;

Friday th[e] 15 we left the river after traveling about 6 or 7 or 8 miles[.] we then had a very hilly road and traveled 30 miles and camped for the knig<ht>[.] the wind blew very cold all Day and i felt quite unwell

Saturday Oct 16th 1847 This morning we did not start as earlyas comon on account of traveling so late last evening yet we traveled about 22 miles and encamped with but little feed[.] my mule was quite lame and i walked about all day

Sunday 17 Oct 1847 This morning we started early and traveled over a considerable rough ground for 18 miles when we arrived at fort brigger [Bridger.] here we found one of the brethren by the name of John Armstrong[.] we were glad to se him and spend a little time with him a talking on the principles of the kingdom [a symbol here that looks like a captial B

Monday October th[e] 18:1847 This day we remained on the ground wa[i]ti<ng> for those that went to the lake[.] the wether quite cold yet pleasant[.] this place is on [-] Snake river and the head waters of the colorado

Tuesday Oct th[e] 14, 1847 This day Brother [David P.] rainy [Rainey] and myself went about four miles to one Smiths and back and soon after we returned the boys arrived from the lake and we concluded to start in the morning[.] the wether quite cold at this time

Wedensday Oct th[e] 20 This Day we left fort brigger for the bluffs[.] the wind blew from the North east and it snowed considerable and was quite cold[.] we traveled about 14 miles and campd for the knight[.] Brother thorn and his family was with us from this morning

Thursday Oct th[e] 21st This morning we started midling early and traveled 22 miles and campd again for the knight[.] the snow that fell last evening all vanished along the road[.] The night was very cold

Friday Oct the 22. This morning we again continued our travels[.] had a very pleasant Day[.] we encamped on Green river[.] traveling 24 miles

Saturday Oct the 23 This morning we started in good season and had considerable sand to travel through[.] we traveled 25 miles and campt on a stream called big sandy[.] some of the rest of the [-] overtook us at this point[.] this was a very pleasant knight

Sunday Oct th[e] 24 1847 This day we started after a late breakfast and continued our journey[.] it was quite warm in the fore part of the Day but in the afternoon it grew cold and we had to travel untill after Dark to find feed[.] It began to snow about dusk and looked like a tremendious storm and we was at the entrance of the pass <on [-] this knight. we traveled 28 miles[.]> we got our supers and went to bed

Monday Oct the 25 1847 This morning we arose and it was a fine morning[.] we therefore got our breakfast late[.] on the account of it being cold we therefore started late and traveled 17 miles and campd on sweet water

Tuesday Oct th[e] 26 1847 This Day we started very early and had a hilly road[.] the weather quite cool[.] we traveled twenty 20 and campt again on sweet water[.] i was very unwell through the Day

Wedensday Oct th[e] 27 1847 This day we lay by[.] i mended my [-] clothes and brothers allred and rainy went out and killed a buffalo but did not git it in[.] our animals did first rate here resting from their labring

Thursday Oct 28th 1847 This Day we left our camp ground and continued journey travelling 25 miles and again encampd for the knight[.] it was quite cold

Friday Oct th[e] 29 This morning we started in good season[.] after travel<ing> ten miles we met several men on their way to calaforina [California.] we traveled about 20 miles and campd

Saturday Oct th[e] 30 1847 We this day continued our journey [tra]veling the river and passed by hell gate and encampd above Independance [Independence] rock[.] this [. . et.] i [-] 222½ miles and [-] 135½ from fort John

Sunday Oct 31st This morning it was very cold and windy and therefore we only traveled about 16 miles

Nov the 1st 1847 This Day we started in good season[.] it continued quite cold[.] we passed a great number of buffalow[.] we traveled 26 miles and again campd

Nov the 2 1847 This morning we got our breakfast late and started on and had a very hilly road[.] after traveling 12 miles we arrived to the platt[e] river and again campd[.] it was quite squally and cold and cleared up at knight

Nov th[e] 3d this morning after we got our breakfast br rainy and my self started out a buffalow hunting as our provisions was very scarce and after going about a mile and a half we both shot one at the same time[.] we followed it about as much farther and shot him down[.] we got it in[.] br Taggart also killed an antelope and we had a full belly again[.] we then cut off the meat and put it upon [th. . ins] and [han. a eyed] it for packing[.] the wether being more moderate and this ended the 3 day of November 1847