Transcript for John Pack letters, 1847

Head of Grand island[,] [Nebraska] May 4 (1847)

Dear Julia Ruth and Nancy[,] I hale this moment with the greatest pleasure and take my pen with More anxiety than I ever did before in my life[.] I am well thank the lord but I Never admired the Society of my fammily more than I do at this time[.] I feel lonsom[.] their is no Society So dear and So Sweet as my kindred tho in the mid[st of] my friends an[d] brethren I am not happy[.] I had no bosom friend But it is good to be deprived of the Sweet So as to no [know] how to prise it if I were adopted to the Best man their ever was he wold not be like my kindred to me[.] I do not Say this Becose I have felings against any one[.] all is rite in the Camp all is peace and union[.] if I had you all here I truly Shod be happy but I trust I shall see you all again in the fall[.] this is my prayer nite and day[.] I have a great anxiety for your welfare, we are organized in a military force and I am Major or Lutenant Colonel over Br Brighams Division and have nothing else to do and this is quite easy[.] I do not have to stand gard I only command the Division if their Sho[u]ld be an attack from the Indians and this we do not expect[.] 12 of us went out on a buffalo hunt day before yesterday and killed 11 of them[.] I killed the first one that was killed in the Camp and the largest one[.] I killed 2 out of the 11 all alone and helped kill 2 more[.] they had to all give up that I wass the best in the Crowd[.] I have no time to rite any more[.] the Frenchmen is wating[.] fare wel[.] may the lord bleses you

John Pack


June 1 -- 40 miles from fort Larime [Laramie] towards home

Kind and affectionate companions Julia Ruth and Nancy and all of my family[,] I now take my pen as cheerful as I ever did in my life to rite a few lines to you. I have rote one letter to you Since I left the home and Sent it with a Bondle of letters from this camp by a Frenchman[.] It will go to St. Joseph and then to Sarpee and he will send it to winter quarters[.] it will be Some time before you will get it[.] I have had very good he[a]lth Since I left home and a good apetite and plenty to eat[.] We have had all the fresh Meet [meat] we wanted[.] I rote you a little of my hunting Story in the other letter but least [lest] you do not get it and you no [know] I like to brag a little[.] I tell you Some of it in this[.] thear was considerable in the campt [camp] Who shold kill the first Buffalo[.] We had None ever kiled any except Br [Thomas] Wool[s]ey and [John Harvey] tippets that come from army[.] I Said but very little for feer I mite Not kill one atall [at all.] one after noon about 3 oco [o'clock] we came in Site of a bout 300 Buffalo in one hird [herd.] 11 of us which had previously been chosen for hunters, prepared for the chase on horse Back[.] (I was not chosen as a hunter becose I ever kild any game but Brigham thout I could do anything[.]) we Started of[f] on a slow walk the Buffalo being 3-4 miles off[.] their was much braging by the way[.] I told them I did not expect to kill any I wass going along behind to Skin with my Big Jack Knife how ever[.] we got up within 1/4 mile and the Buffalo Started[.] we put spir [spur] to our horses and as they ran round a hill[.] I cut acrost and came in a head of all of the hunters and along side of the Buffalo[.] I fired a way and killed one dead on the spot, my Sturrup Broak and while I was mending it the hunters rode by on the full chase[.] I left the one I had killed and followd aftr[.] I Soon came up with 3 large Buffalo that Bros. [Heber Chase] Kimball and [John Somers] higby [Higbee] was after [.] Porter had Shot at one of them once but did not tuch them then Rode on and left them[.] I spurd up my horse and came along Side and then fired away and Shot the largest one through the Sholder[.] he Still run very fast[.] I left Bros K[imball] and H[igbee] in the rear[.] I then droad [drawed] my pistle [pistol] and Shot him in the heart[.] this time he fell dead on the Spot[.] this one is aloud [allowed] to be much the largest of any that has bin killed[.] their was 4 old ones and 5 calves killed in all[.] I killed 2 alone and helped Brs H Kimball and [Return] J[ackson] Redding [Redden] kill one[.] they had to all giv up but well you must no that I felt first Rate.

This is a Barron dessolate contry[.] there is but little or no wood[.] we have cooked our vituels with Buffalo chips for weeks; the water is good[,] the are [air] pure[,] the climate healthy[,] all well in our camp[.] our teems [teams] are reduced for the want of grass[.] we cannot travel only about 75 miles a week[.] we hope that fort larame [Laramie] is about half way[.] I do not Expect to get back till later in the fall[.] this is quite a lonsom jorney to me[.] in fact I never am happy when absent from my fammely and kindred[.] the enjoyments of life are but vanity and if it were not for the Sake of my kindred and the kingdom of God I never wold leave home a gain but I wold Spent my remaining days in the Sweet Society of my fammely[.] but I no [know] if I am faithfull in this life I shall be saved in the Celestial Lindom of L our God[.] I went out to Day over the hill with the 12 and a few others and we clothed our Selves in our preastly apparel and Caled upon the Lord for our fammelis[.] this we expect to do often, my prayer is continualy for you all that you may be Blest with health and your lives preserved that I may see you all when I return in the fall[.] I have no instruction to rite [write] concerning the cattle or other things[.] I beleave you will do the Best you can, try and Preserve your health, and be prudent in all things[.] cultivate love and union[.] do not forget to pray for your Selves and me and keep the Spirit of the lord

Johnes little dog is here[.] I think of him evry time I see him[.] tell him he may stand in my cuby when I get Back[.] George[,] Lucy and Ward bee good children and mind your mother and do not be saucy to the girls and the lord will Bless you and I Soon will come Back

John Pack


June 8 -- 60 miles from fort Larime [Laramie] toward the mountain

Dear Julia and all[,] I am well thank the Lord but have a little pain in my Bre[a]st but I feel Strong in the Lord and firmly believe that I shal return home Safe[.] you told me before I left home if I was Sick I wold not one [own] it but I tell you the truth[.] If you do not believe it jest look at at my riting[.] are not my nerves Still[?] I am Satisfied that your trew hart niver douted any word wether at [home?] or a broad [abroad.] my Prayers without ceasing that you all may be blest with health and kept Safe that I may meet you all in the fall when I Shall return, we are now crosing the Black hills and Some of them are covered with Snow, we find good grass in the valies for our teems, I canot discribe my fealings of affection that I show for you all and their is no one that knows how to pr[a]ise the Sweet Society of an affectionate fammely until they are deprived of it[.] I am not sorry that I came on this journey but I miss my Bosom friends, it will Probly be late in the fall before I get Back[.] we donot no [know] yet ware we Shall Settle but think near the Salt lake, we have peace in the camp and all things goes rite[.] Brother H Kimball is very good and Sociable[.] tells me I may have any thing I want But thank the lord I have got as much as any of them[.] Some of the camp are out of Bread stuff now[.] Scarce any of them will have any to come back on unless they get it from the next camp. I think I shall have a nough to last me home[.] evry man eats his his one [own.] those that have no bread live on meet[.] do not fail to pray for me for I can do nothing without the assistance of the Lord, may the lord bless you that you may live till I return and move you to a land of peace and the Saints of God be free as the wind that Blows from hill to hill and may he pore out his holy Spirit upon you and comfort your hearts that your Soles may be calm as the Somers [summer's] morning after the Storm and tempest is pased by

I have but little time to rite[.] the trader will take this to the masura [Missouri] River which is 400 miles[.] it will take the Steem Boat and go down to Sarpee [Sarpy], No more at present but remain your ever trew [true] and affecate [affectionate] companion through time and all Eternity

John Pack


To Julia Pack

I hav no time to read this their may bee mistakes

Dear Ruth and Nancy[,] be faithfull and comforted and for get me not but pray for me which I firmly believe you do. I have not for got the time when I was Sick[.] you done all you cold [could] for me you never have none [known] my love and affection for you may the lord Bliss you and Spare your lives that I may injoy your Society long on earth and threw all Eternity

John Pack