Transcript for John Pack papers, 1833-1882, item 15

June 1 - 40 miles from fort Laramie towards home.

In the Month of April A.D. 1847 at winter quarters on the Masura [Missouri] River I was made Major or Second in command by the unanimous vote of the Pioneers. After a long and tiresome Journey over one thousand miles, on the 22nd of July I entered Great Salt Lake valley with seven Men with me leaving the company in the canion [canyon] at the entrance of the valley. After Exploreing for some Miles around, I Returned to camp, and next day I led the first company in to the valley and camped where Salt Lake City now stands. On the 24th one of my company with me and went back on the road and met Colonel [Stephen Avon] Markham and company and escorted then [them] in to the valley. I staid in the val[l]ey a fue [few] days and cut and hauled the first set of house logs that man ever hauled in this valley. I then returned to my Fammely on the Masuria [Missouri] River and in the summer of 1848 I moved them includeing my Mother to this Wilderness land. And in the Month of October 1849 I started and went on a mission to France in company with Elders John Taylor and Curtis E. Botton and Returned in the fall of 1852.


John Pack senior