Transcript for John R. Young, Autobiographical sketch, reel 14, box 20, fd. 3, item 4, 9

1863 was Called again to the States, drove my own team[.] Went down in Capt. D[aniel] McArthurs Company—On reaching Florence I was appointed Captain of a Danish Independent Company of 40 wagons—they were a well-to-do-Robust fine looking People, I was proud of them,

July 7th we started, reached S.L. City—Sept 12.

July 28, While traveling we had a fearfull Stampede, one Man and two women were killed. Beleiveing that the Brethren on guard, ignorantly, frightened the Cattle I watched them alone for 5 nights. Keeping my mare Saddled And Sleeping With the Halter Rope in my hand—