Transcript for Johnson, Hans I. (Mrs.) [Inger K.], Autobiography [1909], 11-12

We were ordered to make ready for the plains. we bought a wagon a pair Oxen and some food and different kinds of seed and then we began our long Journey over the mountains to the great Saltlake [Salt Lake] valley. after a few days Journey, our dear captain died and we buried him in the wild wilderness after chosing Bro Sicries [Secrist] of Salt Lake City we again Journied toward our Go[a]l.

We Journied on day after day untill we arived at Fourt Lammer [Fort Laramie]. then my oldest daughter Boletta became very ill and she layed in the wagon untill we reached S.L. City Utah[.] I had five children to care for three men to cook for and two cows to milk[.] it took us five months to cross the plains[.] I was quite weak but Julia Hess Helped us and she lived with us all her life. she was a dear little girl.

When we arrived in the great Salt Lake Valley to our great su[r]prise instead of finding a garden of eaden as we expected[,] we found grass Hoppers by the millions and not a blade of grass[.] all the leaves was eaten from the treas and bushes. a large Valley covered with sagebrush and som[e] places was as bare and white[.] not a blade of grass Just white salt beds.

Their were about 400 in our Company they were all Humble and indured the hard Journey fine