Transcript for Johnson, Sixtus Ellis, Journal, vol. 3, in Diaries 1854-1857

March 12 13 14 We were fixing up our waggons and harnesses to start. Brothers King[,] West[,] Thurston[,] Bell and myself of the Sandwich Island Mission and Brother Carlson a Norwegian and Callahan one of the Battalion Boys all Started together with our team a wagon and 5 horses[.] the wagon belonged to Brother Bradford[.] We was to take it through and haul a few things for him to pay for the use of it. I have a horse also Brothers King[,] West[,] Thurston and Bell have had one of Brother Williams to use through

Our Company consists of 22 men[,] 3 Women married[,] 3 girls and 3 children[,] 6 waggons and about 28 horses and mules.

March 15th to day we organised[.] Brother Whipple was chosen Capt J.R. Young Chaplain I was appointed Ser[gen]t of the guard Dr Sartell Clerk

On March 15 we started drove 8 miles camped on the San Franskeit Creek[.] our horses were wild and unaccustomed to the harness but they have walk from the first time they were harnessed together

Tuesday 16 traveled 18 miles passing San Jose and Santa Clara[.] cold and stormy to night

Wednesday 17 We traveled 12 miles

Thursday 18 We traveled 23 miles camped on the shore of a small lake[.] passed Gilroy to day

Friday 19 We lay still today[.] plenty of feed and watter

Sat 20 traveled 12 miles[.] Camped in a large Canyon

Sunday 21 lay by to day

Monday 22 this morning Brothers Calihan and Binly were rebaptized also a man by the name of Perry after which we passed on through the Pichieheu Pass 16 miles to the San Louis ranch and camped for the night

Tuesday 23 We slept here to day[.] Some of the Brethren went on the mountain and killed a deer

Wednesday 24 We traveled 15 miles camped on a slough

Thursday 25 this morning 6 of our horses took a stampede and ran off[.] Brother Warren Cetched [caught] them about noon and then lost his way to the waggons[.] he was found near night by myself and others about 8 miles from camp

Friday 26 traveled 22 miles camped on the San Jo[a]quin at Daytons ferry

Saturday 27 We lay here today[.] We shot a lot of rabbits[.] it was so stormy we could not proceed

Sunday 28 this afternoon we traveled 6 miles camped on a big Slough[.] between the hours of 10 and 11 this [illegible] H. Perry stole a horse[,] sad[dle,] bridle[,] revolver and watch and other things

Monday 29 Brothers Warren and Thurston started back in search of Perry who had decamped with about 150 dollars worth of propperty belonging to the company[.] We traveled 12 miles camped on a slough

Tuesday 30 We traveled 15 miles camped on a slough[.] We left the main road

Wednesday 31 We traveled 12 miles camped on a slough

April 1st Thursday traveled 12 miles camped on a small lake

Apr 2 We traveled 25 miles camped on the Tularia [Tulare] Lake[.] Bro West and I stopt on the road and ketched some fish[.] We caught 7 and carried them 20 miles before we ketched up with the Camp[.] they were salmon trout

Saturday 3 We traveled 2 miles[.] I went a hunting saw an elk[.] the first one I ever and shot an antelope with my revolver and packed it to the camp on my back[.] Brothers Warren and Thurston returned from hunting Perry who stole the horse and other things[.] the[y] found him and got the things back[.] rejoicing in camp this evening