Transcript for Jorgenson, Hans, Reminiscences and journal, [ca. 1881-1884], 82-85

. .and were met at Station Bentun by the church teams, ca 68 Ox-teams under leadership of John Holman of Pleasant Grove. Our journey now became of an entirely different caracter, walking in the hot sun in day time and enduring severe frost in the night and faring on early and a crusty food thoug it being fresh.

On the plains

The only kind of provissions delivered us by the church was beef and flour, but it was the best they could do under the circumstances, and I for my part found no fault with it.

The company was organized on the 30th of August.

On the 31st several persons arrived from New York having been delayed on the hospital where the[y] had been treated in a harsh manner. We commenced the journey on the 31st, before leaving camp 6 persons were burried. I will not forget to mention, that the first night we stayed on Plat[te] River, it being a heavy rain, I had not bedding but lay by a bigg fire in the open air, while I was a warming on one side I got wet through on the other.

September 1868

1st day we camped without water,

2 we came to a small creek in a valley. I was very sick—

3 no feed for the Oxen.

4—came to some grass, a sister from Frederitz died.

5 passed wisky job found food feed for the cattle, and good water, a man from Copenhagen died.

6 came to Sweet Water River good feed for the animals. Thunder & Lightning in the evening.

8 a child belonging to Henrik Hansen [illegible] died and a child belonging to the English saints was run over.

9-10-11 raundy [rutty] road and heavy wind.

On the 14th we arrived at Green River and camped. We were ferried over on a large ferry belonging to a Mr. Robinson from Pleasant Grove. Up to the present tine I had [illegible] sailed[.] On following Steamers and ships, slupt and boats:

Pby Steamship "Viken" to Jylland 1860.
Pby Schooner "Cecross" to Odense 1865.
Pby Slup from steamer to Frederiksham.
Pby Mailboat to the isle of Leso—1866.
Pby Slup from Stains to Asberup—1867.
Pby Slup over Seber Sounnd pr. Nibe—1867.
Pby Ferry from Sundby to Aalboy –1867.
Pby Slup from Store Vorde—Hols—1867.
Pby Steamship David to Copenhagen—1868.
Pby Steamship Hausa to Hull England—1868.
Pby The deadly Ship Emerald Isle to N. York—1868.
Pby River Steamer at New York—1868.
Pby Omaha & Councill Bluffs ferry—1868.
Pby Green River Ferry—1868.

The 15th it was thought best to rest a little so we remained here today. Most of the Emigrants were beiesy [busy] washing and mending their clothing at etc. Green River was hedged by Cottonwood forrest—it was quite a treat to us to behold in comparison with the barren and necked Sagebrush Plains.

The 18th we arrived at a place w[h]ere folks were at work grading for the U.P.Ry Company I stood on guard that night. We continued our journey

and on the evening of the 22nd we arrived at Ecko [Echo] City where our tiresome journey came to a close for which I felt very thankfull indeed.